Daily Sceptic Ozone Layer Record Hole Article by Chris Morrison

Hole in Ozone layer at Record Level Despite the 35 Year CFC Ban

A very informative, detailed article from Chris Morrison at The Daily Sceptic on the recent Ozone Layer hole record size despite the ban of CFCs which were allegedly responsible for causing it back in the 1980’s. Despite the ban on CFCs, the hole is much larger than it has ever been, calling into question whetehr CFCs were the culprit in the first place and whether banning them was or was not a completely futile exercise?

The Ozone layer environmental campaign was the first that led to industrial change and has been instrumental in the growing impat of environmental groups ever since, but are their arguments based on solid evidence or is it based on fearmongering and the perpetual fear campaign of doom?

Read the full article here:


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