Education Service Needs Urgent Reform

In our schools, colleges, and universities, there are some VERY bad things going on.

Education should NOT be indoctrination. 

Yet we see that schools, universities educational authorities are pushing their political and WOKE ideologies onto children and young adults who are not equipped to judge them rationally.

Reform UK will put a stop to the abuse of education 

We will stop those people in education who have weird woke ideologies from pushing them onto kids!

Here’s how:

  1. We will ban transgender ideology in primary and secondary schools.

Children are being taught that there are 90 genders! 

There are two.

They teach children “Some people are born into the wrong body”. Nobody is born into the wrong body. 

They teach children that gender is “assigned at birth”: In reality, gender is determined at conception by the inherited genes.

Transgender ideology is based is based on these three false statements and we will ban them

    1. Ban critical race theory in primary and secondary schools.

    Children are being taught to judge others by the colour of their skin, not by their character. 

    This is institutionalised racism being taught in schools. 

    We will put a stop to “critical race theory “

    1. Introduce Practical Life Learning.

    We will introduce useful subjects: home economics, personal finance, and managing media risks. 

    Education should have practical life skills.

    1. Cut funding to universities that undermine free speech.

    We will end cancel culture in universities and make them places for free and open debate.

    Universities in particular should promote open debate on contentious issues.

      1. Restrict useless degree courses. 

      Many people leave university with degrees that give them no advantage in the job market. 

      As a result, many graduates work in low paid employment and are lumbered with massive student debts because they were sold a lie.

      1. Permanent exclusions for violent students.

      If students are violent, then they will be banned from school and will have their education at home online.

      These are just six of the best ways that Reform UK will improve the education service.

      If you want to learn more, go to the Reform UK webpage where you can find our detailed written plans on how to get the country back on track!

      We need to reform the UK education!

      So, vote Reform UK

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