Four of the Famous Five at a press conference just as James McMurdock result was announced

Meet The Famous Five Reform UK MPs

Nigel Farage MP Clacton Constituency

Nigel Farage MP for Clacton Constituency

Richard Tice MP Boston and Skegness Constituency

Richard Tice MP for Boston & Skegness Constituency

James McMurdock MP South Basildon and East Thurrock Constituency

James McMurdock MP for South Basildon & East Thurrock Constituency

Rupert Lowe MP Great Yarmouth Constituency

Rupert Lowe MP for Great Yarmouth Constituency

Lee Anderson MP Ashfield Constituency

Lee Anderson MP for Ashfield Constituency

Reform Establish a Bridgehead in Parliament

The 4th July 2024 will be remembered as the day that Reform UK came of age and entered parliament with five MPs. As a young, fledgling party, just four years old it is a massive achievement and the implications can’t be underestimated. 

Only a couple of weeks ago the public were being told that Reform UK would not be able to deliver MPs, but here we are, five elected, 97 candidates in 2nd place and hundreds in third place.

Anyone who thinks Reform UK is not an established movement for genuine political change has not been paying attention.

There is of course a huge amount of work still to do to build the party structure so it can contest all the local elections between now and 2029, to find, interview, vet and approve high calibre candidates that are beyond reproach and that can survive the inevitable media onslaught that will pursue them such is the nature of Ad Hominem politics in the 21st century.

This achievement is huge for British politics, over 4 million votes to deliver just 5 MPs, but, Reform UK will go from strength to strength, they will push forwards every day to deliver a Reform UK government in 2029. That was the 8 year goal when the party was created and it remains so today.

Welcome to the only opposition in parliament, welcome to the Famous Five.

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