Immigration Rwanda Bill Voted Down in Lords

Richard Tice on Reform UK Immigration strategy.

Reform UK leader Richard Tice, now the House of Lords has defeated the government by voting against the flagship Rwanda bill. On the same day that channel migrant arrivals broke a new record for 2024. Despite elected MPs passing the safety of Rwanda bill in the Commons back in December.

Unelected peers today blocked the immigration legislation which seeks to declare Rwanda a safe country for migrant deportations. This comes as small boat arrivals broke records, earlier 385 illegal migrants sailing into Dover, being the highest daily figure of the year so far.

More than 700 have crossed the English Channel since Sunday. That’s 700 since Sunday taking the total number of illegal migrants entering Britain via small boats to nearly 3,000 already this year.

Many are predicting it to be another record year Richard with small boat arrivals once again battering our southern border. Is it wrong that the House of Lords have blocked the government’s Rwanda Bill.

Well, it’s no surprise that they’ve blocked this immigration bill. We all knew that would happen. It actually suits the Prime Minister so he now blamed the Lords for stopping the Rwanda bill. But we all know that it was never going to make any difference whatsoever and the proof is in the pudding.

These arrivals this week, last week, all this year which are now some 35% to 40% higher than two years ago right, clearly shows it’s not a deterrent and when Mark White did that report pre- Christmas and they were sort of laughing at this Rwanda thing.

I think the whole thing’s fast becoming a joke. This just proves it. It’s not a deterrent, it’s ridiculous, Would you scrap Rwanda then?

Control Immigration – Leave the ECHR

I knew it would never be a deterrent. Our plan is the only plan that will work. You leave the ECHR and you pick the boats up, people out of the boats and you safely take them back to Dunkirk and Calais, which we’re legally entitled to do under two International Maritime treaties.

Nobody, I’ve banged on about this for a year, nobody has proven me wrong because I’m right. But none of these gutless feeble people in the House of Commons whether it’s Starmer, Sunak, Cleverly any of them have got the guts to do it.

That’s the only way immigration will stop because what we’re seeing now is that actually the numbers are going up and up and up. Okay, but you would actually in a way have the same policy as Labour which is to scrap Rwanda even if it was working because it’s not working.

We know it’s not working, the proofs in the pudding. Literally you’ve just talked about 380 odd coming over today, almost 10, I think 10 have sadly lost their lives this year. My policy, the Reform UK policy, our policy is the kind and compassionate one.

If you wanted to turn the boats back would you not have to get that through Parliament and then through the law?

It’s already allowed under International treaty law. It’s there, I’ve read it I know, which literally, which sentences of which Clauses. It’s unforgivable that the government doesn’t pick this up and run with it. Unforgivable they might be saying well actually it’s because we don’t want to contribute to more loss of life in the channel, but it’s the opposite. Patrick, it literally saves lives if we’d done this when I started talking about it. Those 10 people who died this year would still be alive okay.

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No Burglaries Solved for 48%

All right, we were also going to be talking about new data revealing that not a single burglary was solved by police in 48% of neighbourhoods in England and Wales over the last three years. That’s despite a 2022 pledge by all 43 police Chiefs to attend every single break in, so this led you Richard to declare that only your Reform Party will make Britain’s streets safe again in. t

So we issued our draft contract in Doncaster last week and as part of that we say we need an extra 40,000 police officers which would bring us up per head of population to a similar number to what they’ve got in France.

We’ve got to get on with that recruitment process and we got to get Bobby’s back on the beat urgently. Away from being behind a desk. The other thing you’ve got to do in parallel is you’ve got to build at least 10,000 detention places you literally got to pick people up and take them off the streets. Take them away. Costing, we’ve allocated we the policing we’ve allocated an extra I think 3 billion and for the criminal and Justice side of it, an extra 2 billion and we identifying our contract which is on our website how you pay for all this stuff.

So we set up all the savings and then could you outline that a bit because I think you also want to cut tax don’t you? Yeah absolutely, so well the first thing is if you scrap Net Zero you save £30 billion per annum, serious cash £30 billion. If you stop the Bank of England, if it stops paying interest, voluntary interest on all the QE money that was printed by the reserve, that’s another £35 billion literally £65 billion a year that can pay for tax cuts, lots of other investments.

The Plot: Nadine Dorries Amazon Ad

Wasted Government Spending

I mean the waste in government spending, we all see it and it drives us nuts. They’ve got to be tough on this stuff you got to say you’ve got to save £5 in every £100. We’re doing it at home, we’re doing it in small businesses the government and every spending department, every manager has got to do the same.

You’ve got to scrap a whole department. I heard one today I’d never heard of it was a department of a department and I thought what a useless thing is that. It sent me a survey was that’s right it was a active live survey and if I filled it in I got paid a fiver.

Seriously, they’ve send hundreds of thousands of these things out and they pay you a fiver if you fill in a survey. Just don’t bother with the survey in the first place okay. The other issue with this potentially is that it’s not just about the laws that we’ve got in place at the moment. It’s actually enforcing those laws and that’s one of the issues certainly when it comes to the protests.

Scrap Net Zero

That’s because of the Criminal Justice System, they haven’t got enough resources so you’ve got to increase the resourcing of it. Yeah, you’ve actually got to have guidelines and common sense. You would fund this by scrapping Net Zero and absolutely it’s all in our contract, so we actually identify £146 billion worth of savings and then where you got to allocate that and within policing and criminal justice.

That’s what you’ve got to do and you got in and we set it out the critical reforms needed in the first 100 days. Thereafter the crisis is urgent, you do it within 100 days. You’ve got to start the process within 100 days, people look at it everything is so urgent you got to say absolute, resolute, get on with this don’t hold back. It all starts with an effective immigration policy that polices our borders.

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Immigration at the Heart of Many Funding Issues

Our failed immigration policy is putting unnecessary strain on many or our public services, healthcare, housing and schooling.