London Assembly

It was polling day on Thursday, we now finished counting the votes for the London Assembly, the results have been declared.

I’m delighted to say I’ve been elected to the London assembly where I will work hard to hold Sadiq Khan to account on ULEZ, on crime, on housing on all these important issues, but above all I want to thank everybody in London who voted Reform UK on Thursday for giving me this fantastic opportunity. I won’t let you down.

This election of Alex to the London Assembly is another stepping stone for Reform UK who are continuing to grow, to make progress. Before the local elections some commentators were saying that Reform UK would struggle to achieve their polling results at the ballot box. However, in the Blackpool South by-election we achieved 17.9%, above the national polling of 16%. In some Sunderland local elections Reform UK achieved 32%. All of these results point to continued growth.

Alex Wilson elected to the London Assembly

Alex being elected to the London Assembly, which let’s face it, isn’t Reform UK voting heatland is an incredible achievement and a testiment to the hard work carried out in the last few months by all our London Assembly candidates, by Howard Cox the Mayoral candidate and by all the supporters and volunteers for all their hardwork on the ground.

Alex is the best man for the job and we look forward to watching his progress in the coming months and years.

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