Blackpool South By Election

Blackpool South By-Election is an opportunity for the constituents of Blackpool South to vote for Reform UK & to send a strong message to Westminster that enough is enough.

Mark Butcher Blackpool South by-election Campaign Launch. 8:00 in the morning Campaign Headquarters, 11:30 Blackpool Town Centre it all kicks off with Lee Anderson MP, Reform UK Member of Parliament for Ashfield, on the battle bus once again.

The second part of our journey in Blackpool with Mark Butcher, he’s our parliamentary candidate for the Blackpool South by-election on May the 2nd 2024 and we’re getting quite a lot of locals coming up to us, lots of support here. People are ready for change. They’re ready for Reform UK.

Mark Butcher Reform UK Campaign Launch

We’re just going to get back on the bus now and have a little drive around Blackpool and get the message out there really that Reform UK are here and we’re a serious party.

What a fantastic turnout it’s been amazing, people turned out, the rain stayed off. Lee Anderson has been here supporting us, what a fantastic day listen. Let’s do it for Blackpool, Vote for Mark Butcher on the 2nd May in the Blackpool South By-election.

Blackpool South Constituency

About Mark Butcher

Introducing Mark Butcher, the Reform UK candidate for (South Shore) Blackpool South Constituency by-election!

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to an incredible individual who is ready to fight for change and represent the people of Blackpool South Constituency. Let’s give a warm welcome to Mark Butcher, the Reform UK candidate for the Blackpool South by-election!

Mark Butcher brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table. As a passionate advocate for the community, Mark is committed to addressing the key issues that matter to the people of South Shore Blackpool. From improving local infrastructure and healthcare services to supporting small businesses and creating job opportunities, Mark has a clear vision for a brighter future. Mark Butcher is the founder of Amazing Graze Soup Kitchen which does incredible work helping the homeless in Blackpool.

Mark believes in putting people before politics. He is dedicated to listening to the concerns and ideas of the community, ensuring that their voices are heard and represented in parliament. With a strong track record of community engagement and a genuine desire to make a difference, Mark is the candidate you can trust to fight for your interests.

By-Election – Blackpool South

Together, let’s support Mark Butcher as he embarks on this important journey to become the Blackpool South MP. Join us in spreading the word, engaging in meaningful discussions, and working towards a better future for our community.

Remember, your vote matters! Make sure to mark your calendars and show your support for Mark Butcher in Blackpool South Constituency on Election Day, the 2nd May 2024. Together, we can make a real difference and shape the future of Blackpool South!

Please share this post with your friends and family to help us spread the word about Mark Butcher’s candidacy. Let’s come together and make our voices heard!

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Blackpool South By-Election

Back in 2016, Blackpool voted 67.5% to leave the EU, making it very fertile ground for a strong Reform UK performance. Of course we have moved on from Brexit, and yet we haven’t.

Some people believe that Brexit is done and dusted, but that is not the case. There are millions of remoaner activists who are determined to prove that Brexit isn’t working and should be reversed. This argument is being supported by a government that doesn’t believe in Brexit or want to realise the opportunities of brexit, of diverging from the EU and driving growth for the UK.

There is a battle going on but only remoaners are fighting it. As Brexiteers we can’t relax until we get a government that actually supports Brexit, that can see the opportunities and is willing to embrace them.

Our remoaner friends claim that Brexit isn’t working. That isn’t the case. What has happened is that we voted to leave while being governed by middle managers who wanted to remain. That situation hasn’t changed. Even Boris wasn’t a genuine leaver, he was a political opportunist which is why we are currently in the situation we are in. High immigration, high tax, high regulation are all Boris policies, never forget that.

Mark Butcher with Richard Tice Campaigning in Blackpool South

Labour is an equal if not an even greater threat to our sovereignty and independence. Do not underestimate the challenge that lies ahead of us. All Brexiteers need to come together, vote Reform UK, the only Brexiteer party and defend our national sovereignty from the globalist opposition.

Globalism is not the answer for anyone apart from multinational businesses. Low wages do not help normal working people, they only help big business to make ever larger profits while the workers struggle to pay their bills. We are approaching the end of days for low wages.

We did not need a minimum wage before we were in the EU, it was a consequence of cheap imported labour. Importing cheap labour does not help an economy in the longer term, it is a short term approach to drive profits for big business.

Blackpool South by-election

Blackpool South By-Election Matters

This will be an important by-election for the party ahead of the general election later this year. We need to set the party up for success, to demonstrate that we are the only centre right party worth voting for. The Tories will not win, if Reform UK did not exist then the Tories still would not win.

The only way to be heard as wanting something other that blue socialism is to vote for Mark Butcher.

In the Blackpool South by-election send a message, vote Reform UK.