Sadiq Khan Renames Overground Lines

What cound be more important what with all the stabbings on our streets every day than renaming 6 overground lines. Basically, London burns and the Mayor is doing some colouring in.

Belinda De Lucy:

Well, King Khan’s latest remodelling of his kingdom of London in the form of renaming six train lines is a worrying sign of what is to come under a Labour government for the whole country.

Two of the train lines are renamed Lioness and Suffragette from the very Labour woke brigade who champion a man’s right to access women’s safe spaces and destroy women’s sports, peak hypocrisy.

There’s one renamed Windrush line. All credit to those who helped rebuild parts of London after World War II but you can bet that renaming anything after the white working class, the very impoverished hands that built this ancient country and capital over two millennia will never happen under Labour.

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For more infomation about the craziness of it all take a look at TFL and make of it what you will.

I would question the priorities of some of those in power in the UK. They change train line names, ban smoking and vaping and reaffirm a mobile phone ban in schools while Rome burns.