Sunak Running Scared

Richard your reaction to Rishi Sunak saying that a vote for reform would let Kier Starmer into Number 10. That’s a problem for you?

He was petrified wasn’t he? He wouldn’t mention the name Reform, he had clearly been trained not to mention it because he knew exactly what the audience were thinking, were asking. The Applause when that questions was asked was significant. Look, people are bored of hearing him bang on he’s got a plan and it’s working. No, it’s not working. We’re not growing, he’s not stopping the boats, the boat numbers are the same as they were two years ago.

Government spending is going up, he hasn’t got on top of the immigration plans and I’m sorry to disagree with Esther you just had on,  there she’s not correct actually because the legal immigration numbers, they’re still going up, they talk about that 300,000 coming down, at best that’ll start in March, at best.

Sunak Worried About Reform UK

The great irony of Sunak’s situation is that he is worried about the wrong things. He has forgotten that Reform UK would not exist if the Tories were conservative. He is so set on his path to break Britain that he can’t see that he is the problem.

The Tories are their own worst enemies. They have moved to the left of centre in british politics. They espouse high taxes, big government, open border mass immigration, weak policing and a degraded military.

The Tories are reducing the UK’s standing on the world stage. We could, we should be a leading, independent nation, standing tall internationally. Our current government however, seems to think that they are managing terminal decline of a once great nation. They have given up on building a Britain fit to compete in the modern world.

Our independence in energy, steel & governance is critical in todays turbulent world. Yet Sunak focuses the blame for the Tories woes at Reform UK’s door. This is wrong. If Reform UK did not exist, then the tired, consocialist Tories would still be set to lose the general election later in 2024.


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Centre Right Solution

Reform are offering a centre right, common sense alternative that the electorate are crying out for. As seen in the Wellingborough & Kingswood by-elections, support for Reform UK is growing rapidly.

Tory policies are not popular. They are not what the electorate voted for. If Net Zero means being colder & poorer with a lower standard of living then the people don’t want it. Technology should move us forwards, with enhanced convenience, lower cost, better performance. Instead we face inconvenience at a higher cost & the Tories are determined to keep hammering a square peg into a round hole.

To summarise, Rishi Sunak is petrified of Reform UK