Sir Lindsay Hoyle Faces No Confidence Vote

Sir Lindsay HoyleJust when you think that public opinion of our MPs can’t sink any lower, they manage to prove the public wrong by sinking to a new low. While the SNP called a motion to vote on a ceasefire in Gaza which would have caused significant problems for Sir Keir Starmer with around 100 Labour MPs destined to vote against the Party. This would have led to resignations and sackings in an election year.

Sir Keir Starmer has been walking a tightrope; ridding the Labour Party of anti-semitism while simultaneously not losing their significant Muslim vote. Those two goals are not mutually exclusive. It is going to be difficult if not impossible for Starmer to achive them both. In recent weeks, Muslim Vote has announced around 90 independent Muslim candidates will be standing in the general election. This risks those 90 seats for Labour.

As Speaker of the House, Hoyle is supposed to be independent, to put aside his Labour party bias. It looks, to an outsider at least, as if he made his decisions to break with longstanding Commons protocol in order to assist Labour and to allow them to avoid the chaos that would stem from the vote.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle stated that he made his decision to allow a Labour amendment to the SNP motion in order to protect MPs. There was a large Pro-Gaza crowd gathered outside Parliament. Martin Daubney was egged by the hostile crowd while filming outside the House.

Parliament in Disarray

It seems to me that MPs forget that we can see them. Yesterday they had discussions about continuing the debate in private. Emptying the public gallery and turning off the TV cameras. This last happened following the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001. This is not the same national emergency, or anything like it.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s reason for a private vote would bow to the baying mob outside and holding the vote in private would protect MPs from the public. All this over a vote on a ceasefire that will have zero impact on actually having a ceasefire.

I can imagine Benjamin Netanyahu’s response when he hears that UK MPs have voted for Isreal to ceasefire. I suspect he will carry on with his military action until such time as Hamas release their Israeli hostages and hand over the terrorists that planned and instigated the October 7th attrocities.

If MPs in the UK want a ceasefire they should be pressuring Hamas to do both of those things. Israel have the legal right to defend themselves. Especially from an enemy who has stated their desire to wipe Israel off the map. Israel didn’t start this war. There was a ceasefire on October the 6th. Hamas chose to break it and in doing so instigated the war that is currently happening.

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What is Proportional in War?

Many people are saying that the Israeli response is not proportionate. When a nation is treatened with annihilation, is being proportionate their main aim? Hamas slaughtered 1400 Israelis in cold blood. Women, children and babies, raping and beheading.

Proportionality in war is a ridiculous notion. Was Hiroshima a proportionate response to Pearl Harbour? Was the carpet bombing of Dresden proportionate to the Germans bombing Coventry?

A proportionate response will never occur in war. The strongest will be strong and the weakest will lose. Hamas picked a fight with a nation well known for fighting back with committed force. Israel need to dismantle Hamas in order to protect their citizens in the future. Hamas choose to hide behind and beneath their own people. They hide their weapons and arms in schools & hospitals. They do so because destroying them adds to their narrative of persecution in the media.

Ceasefire Vote is Irrelevant

For our Parliament and the mediocre MPs within it to lose their shizzle over a ceasefire vote that will make zero difference to the death rate in Gaza, to an actual ceasefire occurring. Hamas are the side preventing a ceasefire, not Israel.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s days are numbered. I suspect he will resign before he is sacked in the coming days. Another irrelevant scapegoat to distract the British public from the unfettered immigration problems we have, from the NHS queues, from the lack of GP appointments, from the cost of living crisis, from the housing of many thousands of economic pigrants in rented properties at our expense, from all of our domestic issues that our MPs should be focused on.

The result of yesterdays hullabaloo in the House of Commons is that Labour have pandered to Muslim extremism and bowed to the pressure put upon them. Sir Lindsay Hoyle assisted Labour in getting Starmer out of the corner he found himself in. I suspect this story has longer to run and Sir Keir has delayed the culmination of his Muslim vote issues, not averted it.

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