The Emperor Has No Clothes

The British public are not stupid, we can all see that the claims and pronouncements on so many issues carry no weight, don’t hold water…. have no validity in fact.

1. Electric Cars are not very good and no one wants them.

2. Heat pumps are not very good and no one wants them.

3. Trans Women are not Women, biologically.

4. Manmade CO2 is heating the planet – because before man began burning fossil fuels the temperature of the planet was static.

5. Rwanda plan will stop the boats – no, stopping the boats and putting them safely back on French beaches will stop the boats. Stop paying them to live here, stop housing them, stop putting them at the front of the queue for a GP or a dentist.

6. Renewables will power Britain – it is never going to happen, it is physically impossible but is being perpetuated by the many in the renewables industry who want to perpetuate the gravy train.

7. Right wing terrorists are the biggest threat we face.

8. The Tories are Right Wing

1. Electric Cars

Imagine if we had been driving around in electric cars for the last 100+ years and in the last few years car companies started introducing cars with internal combustion engines (ICE).

Having been used to range anxiety for all our lives, long recharge times, limited range, low resale values and heavier more road wearing travel, we suddenly get presented with a vehicle that can be refuelled in minutes, with a range of four or five times an electric vehicle. With much higher residual values these new ICE vehicles would sell themselves.

Would the government need to subsidise them? Would we need to dig up our streets to retro fit recharging points? Would they be allowed on ferries?

In short, if the world was turned on its head we would be making a step forward in personal transport, in being able to get from A to B faster, more conveniently, at a lower cost.

Travel drives the economy, and electric cars do not do that. (except for the myriad of extra coffee shops required near charging points.)

No one is buying electric cars because they are a step backwards not forwards.

The emperor has no clothes.


2. Heat Pumps

Unless you have a hermetically sealed, high insulation new build, a heat pump will not heat your home.

In Europe sales of heat pumps are much higher, but then they count air conditioning units as heat pumps and in the main their countries are holiday destinations so of course have warmer climates and require air conditioning.

The government in the UK want you to stop burning gas to heat your home and instead use electricity. What electricity? We can barely generate enough to meet current demand and electricity is just 22% of our total energy consumption.

When we are all driving electric cars and attempting to heat our homes with heat pumps, where is the electricity going to come from? Anyone who genuinely believes that wind and solar are going to fill the demand are deluded.

Currently, wind and solar provide 2% of our total energy needs. We will require 50 times the currently renewables supply to meet current demand. It is not going to happen. Because it gets dark, in winter for 12 hours a day. Because sometimes the wind doesn’t blow. The materials for the batteries required to bridge the base load are not available at any cost, even with all those barefoot children kindly mining them with their bare hands across Africa.

Even if the materials existed, the money to buy the batteries does not exist. We just can’t afford to buy the hypothetical infrastructure we would need to store the renewable energy.

If we had the batteries then of course we would need to generate more than the 100% of our daily energy needs. Those batteries would need to be charged up at all times to bridge the gap for night time and windless days.

So, in short, we don’t have the ability to power the heat pumps that if we could do so, won’t actually heat the majority of our homes to a decent temperature at an affordable cost, even if we were daft enough to buy them.

The emperor has no clothes.

3. Trans Women

Everyone deserves the right to live how they choose to live without fear, intimidation, victimisation or prejudice. However, in recent years, we have seen an increase in the amount of people presenting as Trans, in itself creating challenges for society.

I think most people are happy to refer to people as they want to be referred to, that is just being polite and not wanting to make people feel uncomfortable. That isn’t what we are seeing however. More and more we are being asked to believe that men that want to identify as women are women. We are often castigated for refusing to do so.

Biologically a man cannot become a woman. None of us can change our chromosomes; men have XY, women have XX. Those are the facts, biological facts.

It is not unusual to see biological men competing against biological women, I assume because the powers that be don’t want to cause offence, want to be seen as being inclusive. It isn’t inclusive however to allow men to compete in women’s races. While it may find a safe place for those Trans Women to compete, it simultaneously discriminates against biological women. Renders their ability to achieve in their chosen discipline as redundant. That isn’t inclusive, it isn’t fair, it is peak patriarchy. Men competing in the women’s sports category.

People are vilified for stating biological facts. Anyone who refuses to go along with the narrative is branded as Transphobic. Far from it, just stop telling us that some men are women if they think they are.

Body Dysphoria is a growing issue, but I am not convinced that we are doing anyone any favours in the longer term by treating it with surgery as a first resort. I would suggest that our time would be better employed discovering exactly what it is that is causing the increase in body dysphoria and then addressing the cause, rather than accepting the issue exists and treating it with puberty blockers and surgery. I think we will look back in 20 years’ time and be aghast at ourselves.

Be nice to everyone, be kind.

The emperor has no clothes.

4. CO2 is Heating the Planet

This may be true, manmade CO2 might have caused an increase in global temperatures. My question though is this; If the climate change (temperature increase) across the last 250 years has been caused by manmade CO2, then what caused the previous temperature changes that have happened for millennia?

Manmade CO2 is a fraction of total CO2 production from oceans, volcano’s and such, but it is the smaller man-made portion that is driving global temperature change?

The planet is several degrees cooler than it was just 2000 years ago, long before industrialisation. The Romans grew grapes for wine as far north as York and wore togas to tend the vines. In 430 ad it grew too cold and led to the Roman retreat back to the Mediterranean climate.

We are told that if we endure the cost and inconvenience of net zero and renewables then we will halt the rise in temperature within a few hundred years and save the planet. I very much doubt that it will have any impact on the global temperature whatsoever. I believe that because they talk as if we had a static climate temperature before industrialisation. We didn’t and we never will have a static global climate.

If I wanted to sell a truck load of renewable technology, I would be pushing Net Zero too because of the many £ billions in government money that is inadvisably being thrown around like candy.

British Net Zero advocates tell us we will lead the world in renewable technology and sell it around the world. No, we won’t. We buy Chinese wind turbines and Chinese solar panels, we don’t make any of this technology, we are a customer of renewables, not a producer of renewables.

Net Zero is the dawn of a new era, it is the end of days, dark days.

The emperor has no clothes.


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5. Rwanda will Stop the Boats

Sending a few hundred illegal immigrants to Rwanda will do nothing to slow or stop the almost daily flow of boats crossing the channel which has passed 4,000 already by mid-March 24.

The smugglers and immigration lawyers have already addressed the issue as well, meaning that we can expect the following;

If we are ever permitted by the courts to send a plane to Rwanda, it will be sat on the tarmac with 200 passengers waiting to go. At that point, lawyers working for those 200 will inform the authorities that those 200 all fled from Rwanda due to persecution and so can’t be returned. There you have it, job done, end of Rwanda Plan. Another 3 years of unfettered illegal immigration successfully achieved by a government intent on wilfully destroying our standard of living, our culture, our society, our Britishness.

Rwanda isn’t designed to work; it was designed to allow the hapless Tories to look like they were doing something while actively opening our doors and doing nothing.

The emperor has no clothes.


6. Renewables will power Britain

It is never going to happen. With the best will in the world, it might one day be adequate to supply maybe 30% of our regular energy use, but that is at the upper end of optimistic.

The base load needs covering with large scale, reliable production. Nuclear is the only viable option, but our government is incapable of building nuclear plants at scale so it too is unlikely to ever happen.

Because of Labour and more recently Tory incompetence we are facing power cuts in future years. Energy policy needs planning for, building for decades in advance and if we want renewable tech to work tomorrow, we should have started 20 years ago building the base load provision.

If you don’t want to burn coal, or gas, or frack for shale gas then you are out of options other than Nuclear if you want the economy to continue, if you want to maintain any kind of standard of living.

I have discussed above the requirements needed for renewables and the batteries needed to store the energy until we need it. The projected cost assuming the raw materials existed (which they don’t at such scale) runs into the £ trillions. It would involve multiplying our national debt by 3 or 4 times. It is a non-starter.

The emperor has no clothes.


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7. Right Wing Terrorists are the Biggest Threat

This just isn’t true. We have a simple way of knowing what sort of terrorism we see on the news. Firstly, watch it on the BBC, second, if the man isn’t named or is called a local man from XYZ then the probability of it being an Islamism terrorist increases massively. If, however, on the other hand it is a right-wing terror event they will name the man as soon as they can.

We are frequently told that right wing extremists are the biggest threat we face. I disagree. Right wing attacks apparently make up 25% of the total terror attacks in the UK. 75% are therefore not right-wing attacks.

Bearing in mind that the Muslim population in the UK was last recorded at 12% (probably around 15% today), the percentage of Islamism terror attacks is proportionately much larger per capita. Ergo, it appears that there are plenty of Muslims that are disgruntled with Britain, with Britons, with Britishness.

Figures are massaged, numbers skewed, headlines written to distract us from the facts that there are too many Muslims in the UK who are prepared to commit acts of terror against us.

I’m not for a moment downplaying terrorist attacks from any sector of society, far from it. Surely our ultimate goal should be to live in peace and harmony on safe streets, without fear of violence or attack. That is not the world we live in and we need to be able to talk openly about the problems we have, who is causing them, why and how we resolve the division.

The emperor has no clothes.


8. The Tories are Right Wing

Tory MPs keep getting wheeled out to do the media rounds each morning, telling us that they are the party of low tax, small state, high growth, personal freedom. They are none of those things.

Stop listening to them and look at their record. In 14 years, they have delivered the highest taxes in 70 years, more regulation, a much larger more costly state with more associated waste, they restrict our freedoms, economic growth is pitiful because there is little point working when the government takes all your money in taxes. The cost of living is out of control, energy costs drive an economy as you can see in America where they are self-sufficient in energy and now the world’s largest exporter of energy.

The Tories have stopped being a centre right party. They moved to the left to try to cut off the Blairite left and became Blairite in the process. There is not a small c conservative in the cabinet.

Some people say many of the government’s issues were not their fault. Untrue. Closing down a western economy and copying communist China in the process of doing so was not conservative. It was the act of a dictatorship, not a democratic nation.

The first time in history whereby we locked up healthy people and their great grandchildren paid them to sit at home doing nothing. It was a dumb thing to do and was done because we do not have leaders, we have middle managers, incapable of making big decisions.

We didn’t need leaders when we were in the EU because all the big decisions were taken away from Parliament. Now that sovereign authority is back, but we don’t yet have the people in place, capable of making those critical decisions.

If you want to know why nothing works, why nothing is improving, why decline is so widespread and our government show little will or desire to address any of those issues it is because they are not equipped to do so, they are out of their depth.

Mass immigration is a left-wing policy, not a right-wing policy and we have witnessed the highest level of immigration in British history under a socialist Tory government.

The emperor has no clothes.