The George Cross, the National Flag of England is under attack

George Cross is Under Attack

If you didn’t know better, you might reasonably think that the George Cross is being cancelled. First it was quite wrongly associated with far-right hooligans, tarnishing its image, and more recently it has been “playfully reimagined” by Nike on our national football team strip.

I cannot comprehend any circumstances where any other countries national flag might be redesigned and it would be accepted by the people.

Just imagine Nike redesigning the stars and stripes? Or the French Tricolore, or any other national flag come to that. It would not happen; it would not even be considered.

But here in the UK, someone made the decision in the FA one would presume to sanction the rebranding of England.

The whole purpose of a national flag is to be a highly recognisable national symbol, a unifier behind which we can all stand. It isn’t a company logo open to reinterpretation whenever the marketing people feel like refreshing it? Nor is it a flexible symbol for social commentary or to represent social trends within minorities in society.

Stand Up For Our National Flag

While we clearly have many diversity centric leaders embedded within our institutions, we cannot allow them, unopposed to march roughshod over our national identity.

The flag of St George is sacrosanct, it is, or should be, an immovable object, a constant. It is not, nor should it ever be an ideological tool used to reframe, or attempt to reframe public perceptions.

We must defend our national flags; both the George Cross and the Union Flag are critical to our national identity. Our national identity is under threat. Globalism wants to deconstruct national identity; the EU wants to deconstruct national identity. Immigration is deconstructing our national identity.

We face an ongoing political battle between globalists and nationalists. Across the western world, in election after election, nationalism is gaining ground.

Globalism favours large multinational business empires, the same multinationals that have deep pockets and have the ear of politicians across the west.

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Globalism is Not Beneficial for Ordinary People

Mass immigration favours multinationals in the short term (and let’s face it, like our current politicians, all they consider is the short term), by keeping their wage costs low and their profits high. Politicians across the west bought into the idea, without considering the impact on the wages and jobs on the native population.

As a consequence, the lorry driver who used to earn £150 a day, pay his mortgage, buy his children new shoes, pay his taxes is sat at home on the economic scrap heap while his lorry runs double shifts with two half price drivers on board.

The public don’t see a benefit in consumer prices, but the company shareholders see profits rise. We allow these multinationals to offshore their profits leaving the treasury without the tax revenue from their profits. Meanwhile we are now paying Universal Benefit to the lorry driver who can’t afford to go to work.

Globalism isn’t working, it will not work for the people of Britain or any other country that does not fight back against it.

‘They’ want us divided, they want us de-flagged, they want us subjugated, poor, cold, reliant on the state for our subsistence.

That is certainly the direction of travel in the UK at present.

The George Cross is Ours, not Theirs

We need to take back ownership of the George Cross, not as a symbol of racism as some have attempted to rebrand it, but as a unifying flag behind which all Englishmen can coalesce, can unite.

The one thing I have long admired about America is their pride in the stars and stripe. They pledge allegiance to their flag and it serves to unite them with a common purpose, a common value.

With a much longer and deeper history in England and indeed wider across the UK we have not ever felt the need to have a similar process, but maybe we should. Britain feels today like many separate communities living separately next to each other, not as a united whole and that is surely the direction of travel we should strive for?

It is up to us the English to defend and protect the George Cross. It is not a symbol of division, of racism, of just one section of the country, it is a unifier, it should be a unifier.

I am proud when I see the George Cross. I am proud to be an Englishman first, a Briton second and a European third.

I am taking back the George Cross. It is not anyone else’s to take away from me. I will wear the George Cross every day with pride, because England is my home, my country, my Brand.

Join me, together let’s take back our national flag and build unity behind it.

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