Politics and Extremism

We are seeing a rise in political extremism, tribalism and sectarian voting in British politics. Islamists have mobilised the muslim bloc vote to good effect which will influence the general election results.

Alex Phillips Conference Speech Transcript

Hi conference how you doing? Do you like what you’ve heard so far from everyone? You’re still going to stick with Reform? Going to vote for us, going to stand for us, you’re convinced come are you come on right thank you.

Well, you know, in the process of preparing this speech I was actually wondering how much of it I was going to need to change by the time I delivered it. Will another MP have resigned because of death threats? What’s the latest that’s happened in this week’s Pro Palestine March? What level of escalation have the extremists gotten away with now? Will another genocide or slogan be beamed on the side of one of our great buildings? Maybe the Islamic state flag on Buckingham Palace?

But you know I realized whatever the latest manifestation of an emboldened anti-western fifth column this has been decades in the making. Not only have successive government presided over totally indiscriminate and nation changing levels of immigration, where as many people came to Britain in 2022 in one year alone as they had come over a total of 36 years leading up to the turn of the century.

But any efforts to unite this new Britain under a shared culture have been actively signed up to or wilfully smashed up our own history. Vilified our flag, mocked our national values, are made to be inferior to practices and religions whose moray are in direct conflict with our own, while painting all newcomers as stainless blameless victims of oppression, when frankly we’re the ones suffering cultural vandalism.

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Aggressive Harassment of Women

Let me tell you something as a woman across the whole of Europe in big cities women are now being subjected to the sort of aggressive harassment that have once upon a time been totally unconscionable in some parts of this country this has become so severe it’s actually spilled over into industrial grooming, drugging and raping of young children by entire gangs of men.

But whatever you do don’t offend anyone by pointing out who the perpetrators are. Terror attacks, hate preaching, ideological murders, baying mobs, they’re not the casual phenomena of any society, they’re the results of a very dangerous subculture that is deliberately not being addressed and things are getting worse.

What sort of Britain do we live in when a school teacher is still in hiding as a result of an extremist mob who contested his RE  lesson? When an autistic kid scuffed a Koran, faced threats. When a primary school had to close its doors after extremists threaten to bomb it because that school wanted to ban their little kids from wearing political badges. Doesn’t stop there though, does it? When a justice minister has been forced to step down because his office was set ablaze on Christmas Eve and has been receiving death threats because he supports Israel and is gay.

MPs are waking up to chanting crowds, body bags and burning effigies. Was not the murder of a politician at the hands of a fanatic a seminal moment, a pause for thought? Well apparently, not, we were just told to be kinder to each other online.

Speaker Prepared to Overturn Parliamentary Protocol

You know, two days ago the Labour Party were apparently having a chitchat with the speaker saying if you don’t let us have our Amendment on a ceasefire in Gaza then our MPs are going to be receiving death threats. They’re going to be very afraid, wind in the clock forwards and today the Labour Party is saying no such thing, it’s islamophobia, it’s islamophobia.

It’s the work of the far right. They can’t have it both ways?

What we have seen over recent weeks is the ghoulish return of sectarian politics into our democracy, vulcanized and divided religious voting blocs which threaten democracy altogether.

You know when politics stops focusing on what is the best for the greatest number and instead it seeks to appease a minority, when it rejects objective policymaking and instead cow to subjective identarian bias we become dangerously divided through vain and venal virtue signalling and the luxury ideology of being tolerant those in power have actually laid down a red carpet for intolerance a Labour coloured red carpet.

You know, back in 2019 there was an organization set up calling for a Muslim vote this organization is allegedly associated with someone who was once part of the now prescribed hisbtoah group and this organization now plans to focus on unseating MPs in constituencies with large Muslim populations especially if they didn’t back an immediate ceasefire.

The Rise of Tribalism in British Politics

The Muslim Council of Britain found in 2019 that 31 marginal seats could be decided by Muslim votes, potentially enough to swing an actual election. The Muslim vote website itself declares that with 4 million of us acting in unison we wield significant influence. It’s not a bad thing that Muslims can have influence in elections and vote like the rest of us, but what we shouldn’t have is this idea that you have religious voting blocs.

It’s not just confined to one religion either, there’s going to be forthcoming reports out soon that’s going to expose similar voter manipulation and intimidation with a particular Sikh organization again, with suspected connections to globally banned groups. They also say they’re strategizing their vote alongside other minorities to become a political force that parties cannot ignore.


Look, there shouldn’t be a need for a Muslim vote, a Hindu vote a Christian vote, an atheist vote, in a society that prides itself on being integrated. Tribal voting stands in the way of cohesive national progress, but it’s not just about the voting you know.

There are other innocuous sounding Muslim organizations reported to have direct ties with terrorist organizations that have been banned in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the UAE as well as having links to our good friends Hamas. The Imam at the mosque where Lee Rigby’s killers worshiped, who lost a court case against Andrew Neil said he wasn’t an extremist.

Andrew Neil said he was, well guess who was right Andrew Neil. He’s proudly today online bragging how he has converted 30,000 Brits to Islam. Their end goals are not of integration. The same organizations are behind these weekly mass mobilizations on our streets.

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Organised Extremism

Don’t take it from me, the head of the commission for countering extremism a chap called Robin Silcox, he warned that thousands of protesters don’t appear out in nowhere, they’re part of a sophisticated Hamas and Iranian-backed network that in his words “has the capacity to not only carry out or incite acts of violence on Britain’s streets but spread extremist views through regime linked clerics, charities and so-called educational institutes.

Some of these groups are even training the police in how to encounter islamophobia. Perhaps that’s why the police have stood by and done nothing when terrorist chants are heard on our streets or when racist slogans are projected on Parliament. So afraid are public organizations of disrupting community relations that our sense of community is being torn apart.  Hideously the liberal left is now siding with radical Islamists, they find themselves blind to the intimidation.

They agree with banning books, silencing voices and normalizing antisemitism and they believe they’re on the right side of history and call those trying to stand up against such fascism the Nazis. It’s not just perverse this is perilous you know if at one point five years ago, 10 years ago I had said I think the tail might be wagging the dog, I would have been accused of being a dog whistle, probably still will let’s be fair.

But that is exactly what we are seeing today our government is providing zero buffer or protection to our institutions, our politicians are inert I mean what has Sunak said or Starmer said after this so-called threat? This big threat to politicians that made us dump hundreds of years of political protocol and parliamentary convention?

Education System Under Threat

They’re not talking to us, our schools have been hijacked as well as our University campuses and turned into ideological Battlegrounds. You kind of expect it at universities but primary schools, high schools, leave our kids alone. From what I’ve seen over the last few months of these weekend marches, these jolly peaceful strolls that everyone seems to be saying are not harmful at all seems to me the police are defending those from whom we expect to be defended.

There’s that old adage isn’t there that the path to hell is paved with good intentions and I actually believe most people don’t want to offend nor do they want to marginalize communities and they definitely don’t want to find innocent people caught in the crossfire of a fracturing national consensus.

I’m one of those, I’ve got no issue with anybody of any colour or Creed at all. I’ve lived in so many different countries, I can barely list them and I don’t see colour and I don’t see race and I don’t see religion, but I do want to see unity and by sweeping massive issues under the carpet we no longer have firm ground to stand on.

Join me would you in imagining what our politics might look like in a decade’s time if we allow imported ideologies of small yet highly coordinated groups to gain footholds in our Democratic process. Exactly my point, exactly but if they realize they can win through intimidation with impunity then this cancer will grow and there’ll be an entire tumour.

We’ll have to excise, lest our body politic dies. Another adage for you; for evil to flourish it only requires that good men do nothing. Yet that is what is happening, our leaders have said nothing about the scourge of sectarianism that they have allowed to be ushered in.

We are Emboldening Extremism

Like I said we’re not a racist country, where were the protests about having an Indian Hindu prime minister? A black Home Secretary? A Buddhist predecessor to him, the brilliant Ben Habib being our Deputy Leader? These protests never happened and they never will happen because we’re not a country that sees colour but we’re constantly being told we have to regard everything through this divisive lens and in doing so we need to abide by the neo religion of political correctness.

Our institutions go to great length to attack Britain and its history to self- cannibalize by trying to abortion blame equally for things that are happening even if that means being blind to reality. You know the independent reviewer of the government’s prevent strategy to combat extremism has warned that the government is failing to take tough enough action against Islamist extremism.

Because of this continuous internal bias towards trying to identify the rise in right-wing terrorism the truth is the two are inextricably linked they are the product of not combating this growth in social vulcanisation. By doing nothing not only do we face the threat of emboldened extremism but reciprocal radicalization. The talking about defending British culture, it’s not just taboo these days it’s often derided a some kind of hate speech.

But it’s real hate speech that seems to be getting the last word the tyranny of silence which has left a vacuum has ushered in some of the darkest forces that we’ve ever seen, enabled by a dangerous cocktail of cowardice, vanity and ignorance.

We don’t actually have a democracy when our country is unwilling to stand up for its own values, to abate those that want to destroy them. If we don’t unite against intimidation, it will only encourage more of the same. I’m afraid we no longer have the luxury of pretending that we don’t have a problem.

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Left Wing Chase Votes Regardless of the Consequences

Left-wing political parties for too long have worried about getting the maximum number of votes no matter the cost they have allowed what we should be fighting against to become part of the political discourse.

You know that Azhar Ali standing in Rochdale, tell Simon does you know when he turned around and made those horrific comments about saying that the 7th of October attacks were staged so Israel could go and punish Gaza and then of course he said I’m so sorry I didn’t know what I was talking about and so Kier said he said he’s sorry, it’s all right and then pressure made Sir Keir Starmer realize this probably wasn’t a good look and so they let him go.

Well, Mr Ali since said I meant it all along, I wasn’t sorry at all. Of course he wasn’t. Conference, soon we’re going to arrive at a time where we’re going to be forced to take the sort of action that we as a free and liberal Society should definitely not want to take. We should find it utterly unconscionable; we shouldn’t have to stem the freedom of speech nor the right to protest.

We Need Accountability

We should not have to monitor what goes on inside places of worship. We should not have to demand that religious organizations declare their financial sources; we should not have to say you cannot wear what you like or live as you’d want.

We should not be pushed to the point of having to tell anybody in our country that the lifestyle they wish to lead is unacceptable, but if we don’t deal with what’s going on, then frankly soon we’ll have little choice left and that’s because we have imported cultural morays in direct conflict with our own.

It is important to point out I’m not just saying this to tick a politically correct box, it is important to point out we are still talking about a small minority, but if that small minority is allowed to grow and the bigger and the bolder that small minority gets, the more the majority will suffer and so it is that more and more people are finally waking up to the realization that what we need is actual change.

But unless each and every one of us who believes in defending decency in democracy, who believes in defending our values who believes in diplomacy but with discipline those of us who want to protect what we as a society have had that’s enabled us to prosper as part of one shared culture. The only change that will come will be a change for the worse.

I’m Fighting Racism

I don’t care about being called a racist when I know it’s racism I’m fighting. I don’t care about being mislabelled as a fascist when it’s fascism I’m calling out, and it’s utterly nonsensical to label this as some kind of phobia when it’s a very rational concern borne out by increasing incidents of extremism and hate.

So is there light at the end of the tunnel sometimes it feels like it’s just getting further away but one thing has reassured me a little bit in recent months. People are now finally feeling that they can speak about their palpable concerns and perhaps that’s because the situation has become so fraught it is impossible to deny now. But sunlight is the greatest disinfectant and what we have seen growing over these past few months is ugliness in the clear light of day. Those who want to destroy us from within must not be allowed to cloak themselves in the false shroud of victimhood.


Those who want to fight intolerance must no longer be afraid to speak out at the risk that they themselves are going to be called intolerant, the words that we need to talk about things openly and pragmatically and honestly the things we must be not be forced to accept those words must not be taken away from us by gagging and demeaning and weakening and forsaking our own culture.

All we do is allow more potent and dangerous cultures to dominate. I will say it again Britishness is not defined by skin colour nor by class, nor by being on the left nor the right. We are a pretty ancient nation; we’ve lived through centuries of invasion our own religious wars.

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Sectarian Extremist Violence

Protestants versus is Catholics wasn’t long ago that we were still seeing troubles in Northern Ireland, we’ve learned to become a place in which those who share common values can call it home.

But today we’ve arrived at a fractured, fractious febrile atmosphere, not because we’ve been sleepwalking into it as Miss Braverman seems to think has happened. That can’t be the case can it when people have been deliberately gagged, when whistle-blowers have been demonized, it’s not sleepwalking that’s being wilfully driven at high speed by people drunk on their own misplaced vanity and superiority alongside the spinelessness of many more who dare not say anything or make the first move.

Political Leaders Silence is Deafening

Well, let’s make sure this ends today, the silence of our political leaders is deafening but we won’t be silenced, because this year our voices will be heard at the Ballot Box, and our shared way forward is going to be with one pledge that we are allowed to defend our history.

We can defend our principles and we must demand that people uphold our laws and you know and I know that only one Party is going to promise you that it’s time for Reform and I’m going to end by saying this; if it is moral and right and wonderful to celebrate and protect the cultures of others to give freedoms to everybody no matter where they’re from then we to have every right to enjoy the same protections and the same freedoms. Thank you