from the river to the sea projected on the Elizabeth Tower, Houses of Parliament

Multiculturalism isn’t Working

As an observer of the multicultural experiment in the UK it is fair to say that it isn’t working. Any country, any nation can only have one dominant culture. In the UK that needs to be the British culture. I cannot do what i like in my own country with some books, with some images. I can commit blasphemy in a country with no blasphemy laws.

That means that I do not have freedom of speech, freedom of expression, because I will be threatened by my fellow citizens if I do so. That is not the Britain I want to pass on to my ancestors. It is not the Britain that they deserve.

I grew up in a Britian where I could go wherever I wanted, free from intimidation, without exclusion. Today, there are no go zones in the UK. There are areas where white Britons are not welcome. Are these areas on Britain going to decrease on increase as the multiculturalism experiment continues?

We have been welcoming of immigrants. Compared to many western countries we are a welcoming, non racist nation. Perhaps that is why we are such a magnet for immigration?

What we are seeing with multiculturalism though is large volumes of people with a different culture, different beliefs, different values to ours, failing to integrate into UK society. Instead they want to foist their values upon us. They have left failed, war torn, third world countries to come to a vibrant, liberal, free country but want to bring their failed values with them.

Diversity is not looking like a strength

Millions of immigrants to the UK work hard, pay their taxes, don’t attack anyone, don’t protest, don’t climb on our monuments, threaten others. They are not the immigrants that anyone is worried about.

It is the sizeable minority of Islamists who have either brought their extremist beliefs with them, or been taught them in the UK by their families and at their Mosque, that so many people are concerned about. Their beliefs are not in line with British values. There pose a clear and present danger to our culture, our beliefs and society as a whole.

The failure of our government, police and authorities to stamp out extremism is a catastrophic mistake that we will be paying the price for, for many years to come.

We need to be able to have a conversation about immigrtion, about multiculturalism, about the challenges we face. About the significant number of extremists who do not share our values who live amongst us.

As a nation are we safer or less safe? I don’t feel culturally enriched. I don’t feel like our streets, our buses, our tubes, our concerts, our public spaces are safer.

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Multiculturalism, Past, Present and Future

The UK is at a political crossroads. Across the last few decades our governments both Labour and the Conservative have presided over mass immigration and a drive for multiculturalism. In the process they have paid little attention to the impact of mass immigration on the native population.

I understand why anyone would want to come and live in the UK. The lure of our quality of life, our freedoms, our standard of living, our protections for the vulnerable, the needy, for minorities. We have liberty, freedom of speech, equality of opportunity, fairness. These are all incredibly strong pulls which have driven the growth in UK population of over 12 million people in just a couple of decades.

What I don’t understand is the desire of some migrants to the UK to come here for a better life. Only to then seem to want to make the UK more like the country that they left.

British Culture

British culture is important to the British. The apparent erosion of those values in the name of multiculturalism is at the heart of the unease with mass immigration. The do-gooder sections of our society, our government are determined to rescue everyone who they think needs rescuing. Determined to provide sanctuary to everyone who they think needs sanctuary.

But they are not the ones who bear the cost. It is only if you rely on the NHS for healthcare, for GP appointments, for dental care or to educate your children that you notice the fall in your standard of living. Until recently, MP’s and the London elites that supposedly run the country have been insulated from the effects of mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Wednesday the 21st February saw a mass protest in parliament square while MPs in the House of Commons did their collective best to avoid having to vote on a Gaza ceasefire. A vote which will have zero bearing on the likelihood of a ceasefire. Zero impact on the likelihood of Hamas releasing all the Israeli hostages they kidnapped back on October the 7th 2023.

Political Outrage

What I find curious is that while we are seeing mass protests in the UK against the Israeli attack of Hamas in Palestine because of the deaths of 20-30,000 Palestinians. Why have we not seen similar or bigger protests about the much greater Muslim deaths in Syria or Yemen? It looks, to the casual observer at least that we are seeing these protests because unlike in Syria and Yemen, the atrocities are not being carried out by Muslims.

I don’t believe that we are doing anyone any favours by permitting the phrase ‘from the river to the sea’ to be said, chanted, sung or projected onto buildings. British Jews find it intimidating, threatening. It has been conveniently redefined in order to ligitimise its use, but to British Jews, it means the eradication of Israel and the eradication of Jews.

Illegal Immigration

Who are the young men making their way by boat, lorry and airplane in to the UK? I suspect that they are not the brightest, finest and most entrepreneurial coming to make their fortunes.

If I was the government of a cash strapped developing country and saw a weak government in a country like the UK with open borders, accepting all comers with no questions asked, I would empty my prisons, my asylums, my work houses. I would then help all of those people to leave my country to head for the bright lights of London and be someone elses problem. But, of course that hasn’t happened has it? I would venture to suggest that illegal immigrants are over represented in our violent crime statistics.

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Sectarianism is Coming Our Way

For the first time in many hundreds of years Britain is facing sectarianism. We are facing a future where people vote in the UK on religious grounds rather than on political policy grounds. This introduces a new challenge for British politics and politicians. Our electoral system is not designed for block voting. I suppose the opposing argument is that we have historically had two blocks voting tribally against each other for the last century or so. I would counter that they did so in a disorganised, voluntary capacity.

We face a future when an organised minority achieves disproportionate success at a national level. An organised minority will always beat the disorganised majority.

There is a situation where MP’s fear for their safety and are being pressured into voting in specific ways through intimidation and large street protests. We have seen two recent murders of MPs in the UK, first Jo Cox in 2016 by a right-wing extremist and more recently Sir David Amess in 2021 by an affiliate of the Islamic State.

The Jewish community is scared; Londoners are scared; MPs are scared; The Speaker of the House is scared. Even our police appear to be scared of maintaining peace in our capital city.

We live in seemingly dangerous times. No political figure in the UK should live in fear for their life or wellbeing. We need to urgently address the circumstances that have led to this culture of fear and intimidation that has grown in recent years. That has grown in line with multiculturalism.

Forced Multiculturalism is Cultural Vandalism

The phrase ‘Islamophobia’ is thrown around like confetti every time anyone has the temerity to question the actions of a Muslim. I would state that islamophobia isn’t a thing. A phobia is an irrational fear of something.

We all know very well that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. They are not the ones anyone worries about. But, there is a minority, a vocal, noisy, dangerous minority of Islamists who have either brought their radical beliefs with them from their homeland, or have inherited those beliefs from either their parents or been taught them at their Mosque. Radical Islamist beliefs that include Sharia law & death to non-believers. It is this radicalised dangerous minority that have committed many of the atrocities on our streets.

It is not irrational to fear that minority, it is quite sensible to do so. If you are in a field with 100 wolves, you are told that 99 wolves are friendly, but one wants to kill you. Which wolves do you avoid? The answer for most rational people is “all of them”. It is rational to fear all of the wolves.

The Governments Deal

It is no wonder that middle Britain feels so angry about the state of the nation. We have all seen our standard of living decline. Our access to healthcare becomes harder and takes longer. We have all seen larger class sizes in schools. In many of our public services we are paying for translation services for migrants who can’t speak English.

Show me one other country that wouldn’t expect its inhabitants to speak the native language? I’m no language expert, but everyone learns English, I am assuming because it is relatively easy to do so compared to many languages. If you come to live in Britain, you need to either be able to speak English or be committed to learning to do so on arrival. Adding foreign language signage removes the necessity to learn English, to integrate, to be able to contribute to our economy.

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Britons Last Culture

Native Britons have watched the government supporting other communities around the world. Foreign aid, Ukraine support, numerous wars and actions while simultaneously seeing their own living standards decline. They see illegal immigrants being put up in hotels in the UK with free everything. Lighting and heating, food, spending money, mobile phones, healthcare, access to dentists, free buses, taxis and bikes, all paid for at the cost of £ billions out of tax payers pockets. The same tax payers who are struggling to pay their energy bills, struggle to get a GP appointment, waiting many months for operations, and can’t get NHS dental care at all.

All middle Britain can see is growing inequality as the multiculturalism experiment proceeds. Their taxes increase while their services are reduced and their hard-earned taxes are being spent on other people. We have homeless veterans living on the street while we house undocumented new arrivals. We have been enduring a ‘Britons last’ culture. Meanwhile the government find homes for migrants ahead of natives, some of which have been on waiting lists for years.

We seem to be able to find the money for everyone except for the people of Britain.

Equality is a Myth

There is no such thing as equality. If you are a free man you cannot be equal, if you are equal you cannot be a free man.

The current incessant drive towards DEI: Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is doing nothing to benefit either Diversity, Equality or Inclusion. It has instead hastened the growth in Division, Inequality and Exclusion. Can multiculturalism work without DEI? All middle Britain can see is opportunity being given to those who haven’t necessarily earned it.

We are witnessing reverse Darwinian Theory in action. The strongest are bypassed in favour of the weakest, the least able and the most unsuitable.

As a species we have thrived because of survival of the fittest. The strongest and the smartest have risen to the top, shaping our society, our values, our culture. I’m not saying that we don’t require strong governance to step in occasionally to keep our society in balance between the haves and the have nots, but the system basically works.

Employing people based on diversity quotas is not the way to drive industry forwards, to drive business forwards, to drive our economy forwards. If a company is no longer allowed by law to employ the best person for the job it can’t compete., If instead it has to employ based on identity politics, then we are doomed to mediocrity, to long term decline and failure.

The reason identity politics is destined to fail as a social experiment is because equality can’t be achieved without removing freedoms. Any freedom bestowed upon one section of society invariably removes or curtails a freedom for another section of society. As we are seeing with the current trans sports debate.

Trans sports women were given the right to race against biological women, instantly rendering the chances of biological women winning their events as negligible. End result greater inequality. What we actually witnessed was an attempt by the woke left to be ‘kind’, by allowing genetic men who identify as women to compete against women. While enhancing the rights of transwomen in sport, it had the exact opposite effect on the rights and freedoms of biological women in sport.

It is, in a way the ultimate patriarchy; a man identifies as a woman and is allowed to compete against women thus removing their ability to win women only events.

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The Challenge of Globalism

We keep being told that we are competing in a global marketplace. Yet, while the developed world is hungry to succeed, to earn, to achieve, we are preparing to compete by making sure that we have a cross section of society ensconced on every company board in the UK, in every workplace, regardless of their aptitude or ability to excel in that position. It is long-term economic suicide to force business to comply.

I do not believe that Britain is a racist country, especially when compared to many others. I would suggest that many of the migrants coming to Britain don’t consider it to be a racist country either. We are not. This is not about race or racism. This is about too many people arriving on our shores too quickly, many with different values, cultures and beliefs to us. They are being given preferential treatment to the rapidly oppressed native people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Multiculturalism & Integration

Migrants are not integrating; they appear to be inflating our welfare costs rather than contributing to our economy. Our welfare bill has risen every year since the early 1990’s regardless of our supposed “record low unemployment”. Our economy is so weak and lopsided that we have to top up the low wages of 6 million people with Universal Credit payments. In 2022 alone our welfare bill increased by £20 billion.

Our leaders are out of touch with how hard it is for so many people. They just don’t understand how much of a struggle it is to make ends meet, to pay your bills, to stay warm, to feed & clothe your family.

National Ponzi Pension Scheme

The supposed need for an ever-growing population was set in stone by the creation of the State Pension. A Ponzi scheme robbing Peter to pay Paul, requiring an ever-growing volume of Peters to keep paying for the longer living Pauls. It didn’t work when we had a population of 50 million, was worse when we had a population of 60 million and is becoming unmanageable as we reach 70 million. It will not be fixed by increasing the population to 80 or 90 million.

The treasury seem convinced in their belief that multiculturalism is the solution. The rest of us can see that failed multiculturalism is magnifying our problems rather than solving them.

At some point we are having to have an honest discussion about the state pension. Not tinker around the edges and move the retirement age ever upwards, I mean actual redesign our State Pension provision so it is fit for purpose.

Imagine if your Pension contributions had been ringfenced in an investment vehicle for your retirement instead of going into the governments bottomless pot. Your pension would pay you a significantly larger monthly pension if that were the system in place. The challenge is to get from where we are now to an investment pot system.

A redesigned pension system would negate the need for a growing population. We could then redesign our economy for a stable population. The myth of importing the skill shortages is wearing thin.

In 2021 we had 50 thousand nursing vacancies in the NHS. We saw a total of 900,000 people come to live in the UK via our new points-based visa scheme. How many nursing vacancies did we have at the beginning of 2023? 60,000. Our points-based visa scheme doesn’t work. We are not importing the skills shortages we lack. Whatever work they may be doing, it isn’t meeting our urgent skill shortages that we have failed to train our own people for.

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Two Tier Policing

Can someone explain to me why it is acceptable to project the antisemitic chant “from the river to the sea” onto the Elizabeth Tower but it isn’t ok for a Christian woman to pray in silence a few hundred yards from an abortion clinic? Which of these actions is the more intimidating? Which of these actions is the more offensive?

At a time when British Jews have never felt more fearful for their safety, we are doing them a gross disservice to not protect them from abuse and abusers. Reports of antisemitism shot up in the UK, not when Israel retaliated and started their offensive in Gaza, but following the October 7th attack on Israel itself.

British police need to get back to firm but fair policing, without fear or favour. If they will not uphold our existing laws and values then who will? Government is keen to write new laws, but they amount to nought if our police are not in a position to enforce the laws we already have.

In Summary

Our current systems actively encourage segregation, separate communities, living separate lives. Rapid population growth in the name of multiculturalism has harmed the native population, reduced their standard of living. Multiculturalism has reduced the native populations standard of living not because of their race, but because of their volume. The short term globalist gain of supposed cheap labour has resulted in services shortages, increased costs and more danger on our streets.

The volume of people is not what is wrong with the UK economy. The system is not balanced for any population size. It is become clearer to see as our population has rapidly increased.

Now our Members of Parliament are starting to fear for their safety maybe some at least will be brave enough to stand up and discuss the undiscussable without being accused of racism, Islamophobia?