England Football Kit National England DeBranding by Nike

England Rebranded

What were Nike thinking when they commissioned the latest England Football kit? It can only have been done on purpose to elicit a response from the English football fans.

I can only imagine what the response would be if for example Nike gave the same woke treatment to the Stars and Stripes. I would suggest that doing so might become an extinction level event for the sports brand were they to do so.

However, they have no qualms about defacing the English flag in the name of what? I suspect that diversity was the driver behind the decision, and in the misguided attempt to be more inclusive they have, at a stroke alienated the majority of patriotic English football fans who respect their flag.

Why can the England team not proudly wear their national flag? Why did anyone feel the need to change it for a woke alternative? Who sanctioned this decision? Someone in the FA will have thought it was a good idea.

I wonder what the push back will be against this attempt at National Rebranding. At £120 each these are not affordable shirts, and they have successfully removed any desirability to own or wear one.

George Cross Under Threat

Of course, there will be a minority of football fans who embrace this move to see England Rebranded, but I suspect they are a small minority.

The George Cross has been under fire for some time, accused of being a symbol of racism, of the far right, of extremism, but it is none of those things. For years the George Cross has been tarnished incorrectly as a negative emblem. There are sections of British society who will be delighted with the progress they are making in that regard.

The George Cross is my flag, it is the flag of England and I am proud to be an Englishman. There are those who would label me negatively for being proud of my flag, but they really ought to get out more.

The national flag is sacred to a country’s citizens. We already lag behind the devolved nations of the UK by not having our own government. How is it that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have devolved governments but England doesn’t?

Imagine if the Saltire or Welsh Dragon were reimagined and rebranded with a woke design. I can only begin to imagine the level of outrage we would see.

We need to see the George Cross reinstated on our national football kit ahead of the Euros this summer.

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