Lee Anderson

I’m delighted to announce that I have found that champion of the red wall for reform UK. He’s also coincidentally going to be Reform UK’s first Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. He is of course a person of great integrity, no nonsense and is the Member of Parliament in the county of Nottinghamshire for Ashfield.

Please welcome Mr Lee Anderson.

I might not know a lot of these long words some of the people use in Parliament, but I know a few short ones. But unfortunately, this sometimes leads me to be labelled as controversial in my opinions. My opinions are not controversial, these are opinions which are shared by millions of people up and down the country.

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It’s not controversial to be concerned about illegal immigration, not controversial to be concerned about legal migration, it’s not controversial to be worried, concerned about the Metropolitan Police and a failing London Mayor and the hate Marchers, the street crime and the shoplifters literally getting away with ruining businesses on a daily basis.

Neither is it controversial to fight back in a culture war that is sweeping our nation.

I am proud of our great country and the gifts it has given to the world over hundreds of years. Gifts like the Industrial Revolution, Railways, Culture, Sports, Medicine such as vaccines which have saved hundreds of millions of lives. We’ve defeated fascism in two world wars we’ve always punched above our weight on the international stage, but now like millions of people in this country I feel that we are slowly giving our country away. We are giving away our way of life. We are allowing people to erase our history, giving up our streets to a minority of people who literally hate our way of life.

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