Howard Cox for London Mayor

My name is Howard Cox and I’m standing for the Reform UK party to be your London Mayor. I was born and educated in Lewisham and I’m a Londoner through and through. I’ve worked hard all my life and for the last 20 years I’ve been a tireless campaigner for UK’s 37 million drivers. No other mayor or candidate has a proven record of accomplishment helping the economy, fighting inflation and successfully campaigning for motorists, bikers, commercial drivers and truckers.

My Fair Fuel UK campaign founded back in 2011 has forced our central government to freeze fuel duty every year since that date. This has saved over £200 billion in planned increases in fuel Duty, worth thousands of pounds to you, other drivers, small businesses and charities in the UK.

I have also been instrumental in delaying the 2030 new diesel and petrol Car Sales ban now set for 2035 by proving the economic damage to each of us and the economy of this undemocratic, draconian policy and that’s not all. The government has now adopted my Pump Watch program too, to stop opportunistic profiteering at the pumps.

London has experienced tremendous change in the last 50 years.

London Mayoral Election Hustings

Lets Make London Great Again

I love this incredible City but unfortunately not all of that change has been for the better. Crime is soaring and seemingly out of control, London should be the safest city in the world but many people are fearful to leave their front doors and even to use public transport.

Mass uncontrolled immigration has resulted in a shocking lack of affordable housing and has made it more and more difficult for hardworking people to rent or buy a home. Add to this the ridiculous combination of rules and low traffic neighbourhoods that have seen Sadiq Khan effectively declare war on motorists.

These policies hit Londoners in their pockets and make it increasingly difficult for people to go about their daily routines. In fact, London has ground to a complete halt. Things must change, that’s why I want to be your Mayor of London.

The Motorists Friend

I will tackle all of these issues head on, I will triple the number of police officers on the beat to reduce crime and antisocial Behaviour. I will install police public access points in busy consumer locations throughout London. I’ll ensure more affordable homes are built to combat soaring rents and sky-high property prices.

I will stop cash grabbing driver policies and replace them with new clean fuel technology incentives. I will get rid of low traffic neighbourhoods, 20 mph speed limits and other needless road restrictions. I will scrap all of ULEZ throughout London and refund all us expansion fees and fines received since August of last year (2023).

Let’s get London moving so together we can make London prosperous safe and great again so on Thursday May the 2nd please vote for Me Howard Cox of Reform UK.

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