Vetting Reform UK Candidates

Time for Reform UK leader Richard Tice, now Tice’s resurgent Reform Party are planning to stand a candidate against a Tory in every constituency possible, but they’re having a little bit of trouble with some candidate selections. Now, this weekend Reform UK was forced to drop two more of their election hopefuls and suspend a third over a series of offensive remarks made online, including one slur apparently about brown babies.

Now the party has dropped nine candidates for the upcoming election following complaints about their comments on social media. Richard look, welcome to the show yeah, I have to ask when it comes to fielding some candidates like in South Shropshire apparently a slew of comments posted online, some people saying that Attenborough should be killed off, brown babies was one of the jokes there, derogatory comments.

It’s very simple we’ve always said if people make inappropriate, totally unacceptable comments then we will fire them and we are the fastest people to do that. The fastest political party, we don’t suspend someone for 6 or 12 months like the Labour party, we haven’t got a bunch of sexual weirdos like the Tory party right.

We’ve got antisemitism allegations, The Daily Telegraph has revealed about George Galloway’s party, every party has their issues the question, it is how quickly you deal with it and we are the fastest and the thing about vetting Patrick which many people forget to realize is that it’s like an MOT, it’s only valid the moment you do it, if someone posts something completely inappropriate the following day right, they passed the first vetting.

Scrutinise Reform UK

What happen at the general election when you’ve got 650 candidates for example and then a week before the Labour party do a massive deep dive into half of them and you’ve got a problem?

It’s very simple, that’s why we put all our names out there, over 400 so far. We put it out there many months early in order that everybody can be scrutinised, could be scrutinized and can look into our candidates. We welcome that from whoever it is because we said to our candidates you’ve got to actually you know; you’ve got to abide by our rules and what is appropriate.

We’re not afraid of that and it doesn’t matter who the criticism comes from. Is it not a risk letting the media vet them because in all of us completely, the media force you into a situation where you’ve got to drop them? Drip, drip nonsense, we live in a democracy where scrutiny is appropriate, I welcome the scrutiny and we will deal with it if someone says something inappropriate.

But let’s be clear in any organization frankly including very large organizations, you’re probably going to lose 1% to 2% a year for inappropriate behaviour, I’m afraid there’s always the Muppets and morons (is what I call them) who will just do and say and think inappropriate comments.

The other side of it is that you’ve given into groups like Hope not Hate?

Hate not Hope are not Unbiased in their Scrutiny

That’s absolute garbage and I’ve been very clear to Hope not Hate today, funny how their supposedly diligent researchers didn’t spot the vile antisemitism from George Galloway’s party? Does that mean that actually their Hamas sympathizers? They need to answer themselves if they say they’re all about community, bringing people together. Where’s their diligence against people on the far left that’s what I want to know?

So, you’re not giving in to the far left?

Of course not, what I’m saying is look I welcome scrutiny from whoever if GB News, researchers find inappropriate content it doesn’t matter whom right, we welcome the scrutiny and we’ll deal with it promptly and rapidly okay.

All right and obviously there is quite a lot there about the selection process but there’s another big thing in the news today in relation to Reform UK and that is regarding the NHS. So it continues to crumble despite record government funding but Richard you’ve claimed you found the solution today I believe, let’s have a look.

At Reform UK we have a bold ambitious plan, we’re the only party that says right we’re going to get to zero NHS waiting lists in two years. Some of you might say that’s impossible. I say stop being so weak and pathetic okay.

It sounds great, where’s the money coming from?

NHS Zero Waiting Lists within 2 Years

So we put forward a three-point plan the first is that all frontline Health and Social Care staff should have zero basic rate income tax for 3 years to retain existing staff and attract back departing staff. I’ve heard from people in hospitals today delighted with that proposal.

Secondly the NHS has got to make some productivity improvements and acquire significant quantities of capacity from the independent sector, millions of operations and appointments. Thirdly, critically if you can afford to pay a bit more we want to encourage you to pay a bit more by giving you a tax incentive, 20% tax relief on all private health insurance all self-pay to ease the pressure on the NHS permanently, which means everybody gets faster, better care.

You get the money, £17 billion is what we’ve allocated which is about 15 times more than the labour party with their ridiculous comments this morning. You get the money by scrapping Net Zero which will cost £30 billion a year of tax payer’s cash.

I’m hoping you might be able to explain this to me, to the viewers and the listeners which is that Labour, Net Zero stuff the money isn’t already sitting there right, it’s not the tax already collected.

Let me finish, let me finish right so when you’re saying that you’re going to fund parts of the NHS through that, where’s that money coming from are you going to tax us more?

Save £30 Billion / year Scrapping net Zero Spending

No, absolute nonsense sorry, let’s be clear right, the government is already spending £30 billion every year of taxpayer’s cash on getting to Net Zero. What I’m saying to people, scrap Net Zero we don’t need to spend the existing £30 billion they’re already spending. The choice for the British people is very simple, do you want zero waiting lists in 2 years or do you want zero CO2 in 25 years? I have to say I’m pretty certain what the response is okay.

So again, just to be clear on this so tax incentives for individuals to go private yeah? Absolutely because that eases the pressure on the whole of the NHS so still always free at the point of delivery. I don’t want whinging and whining from the Labour party, you’re going to privatize the NHS in 24 hours, let’s have a proper grown-up discussion about how we do Healthcare in this country for the next 10 to 20 years.

That’s what’s essential at this general election and Labour are saying they want to do something very similar.

No they’re not, they’re saying they’re going to allocate £1 billion, that’s a drop in the ocean, it’s irrelevant. What you’ve got to do is do the job properly and incentivize people to ease the pressure off the system.

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No Extra Taxes to Cut NHS Waiting Lists to Zero

That’s the key thing, I want many businesses up and down the country to say to their employees; we’ll give you private health insurance because instead of being a benefit in kind that’s taxed, actually it’s tax deductible if you can afford to pay a bit more.

The very bold claim as I understand it Richard, the very bold claim from Reform UK is that you will completely eradicate the NHS waiting list and you will not make us pay a penny more in tax in order to do that?

Correct and unless right in fact I’m going to save money yeah absolutely sure because you’ve got to scrap Net Zero, it’s a waste of money, £30 billion quid at least every single year. Madness, makes no difference whatsoever to global climate change.

All right, it’s a bold claim and I’m a bold guy and we’ve got to think bold to get this country out of the dire situation we’re in.

Look Richard thank you very much as ever, that is leader of Reform UK it’s Richard Tice.