RIP Tory Party

The Plan is Working?

Rishi Sunak is adamant that his plan is working. This statement can only be true if his plan is to be unemployed by the autumn. That plan is working, of that there is no doubt.

For the majority, the Tory plan looks like high taxes, open borders, crime ridden streets, drug gangs, legalised shoplifting, hospital waiting increasing, all cause mortality numbers running far above the five year average, food banks booming, heating bills unaffordable, food inflation out of control, pot holes multiplying, inter-racial and religious hatred growing, law and order in decline, unaffordable housing is short supply and GP appointments a dim and distant memory.

The Tory plan, such as it is, has nothing to do with conservatism, Sunak has promoted socialist policies. He will not admit it of course, but, for all his denials, from the moment as Chancellor when he gave away the crown jewels in furlough payments for healthy people to stop working, he and his Party have listened to the wrong people.

I don’t know if this was focus group driven or just from poor advice from weak advisors.

The Tories have moved left since John Major, the first of the Liberal leaders we have endured since 1993. We have suffered from liberalism ever since.

The Scourge of Liberalism

I am not sure why the Liberal Democrats exist as a Party. They are not required because their fundamental beliefs and policies are believed and supported by both Labour and the Tories. The majority of MPs are pro EU, pro open borders, pro liberalism. The Tories conned the public in 2019 with Boris Johnson pretending to be a centre right conservative when at heart he is an open borders liberal.

I will never understand why liberals can’t see the long term harms they are inflicting upon future generations with their weakness.

We require strength, conviction and a sense of purpose to restore the countries fortunes.

What growth have we seen in recent decades? Our economy bumping along, flatlining. We still have occasional economic crashes, but without the booms in between to compensate and top up our bank balances.

When Gordon Brown said he would end Boom and Bust, he was half right. We haven’t seen a Boom since. But we still see the Busts, one of them self inflicted by lockdowns, furlough and the decision to protect an NHS which was never in danger and is supposed to exist to protect us.

Our Covid Response

We saw headlines such as “Hospitals at full capacity” which were misleading to say the least. The definition is based on ICU (Intensive Care Unit) bed capacity. A 500 bed hospital might have just 20 ICU beds. Many of the other beds were empty. The NHS could and should have scaled their ICU capacity. They emptied their beds putting people who already had covid into care homes that were (until then) covid free. They made some stupid decisions, they exposed the most vulnerable to covid.

The covid enquiry looks like an exercise in blame deflection. This enquiry should be concerned with establishing what we did well, what we could do better, what worked, what didn’t. Instead, it seems to have already accepted the narrative that lockdowns were good and the only decision we need to make is should we have done so sooner and if so, how much sooner?

It is my contention that we should not have closer the economy. Within just a few weeks it became clear that the vast majority of healthy people who had no underlying health issues were are almost zero risk and could have quite safely kept the economy ticking along while we protected the vulnerable.

We could have isolated all our vulnerable people, could have allowed them to isolate and deliver food and supplies to them. The outcome would have been less deaths, far lower national debt and we would be in a much healthier state as a nation today.

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Recent By Elections

Labour have been crowing about their recent successes in by-elections, but I can’t see what they are getting excited about. Labour have won nothing, the Tories have lost those by-elections. A totally different scenario.

No new voters are supporting Labour. They are not attracting anyone to switch to support them. It is the collapse in Tory support that is gifting the by-election victories to Labour. Within our two party system, when one party collapses the other gains by default.

Labour don’t have any policies. Well, they have one overarching policy of ‘more of the same’, but on steroids. More spending, more taxes, more population growth.

The only plan the Tories are interested in is banning vaping and introducing a staged smoking ban that will be impossible to enforce.

The Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable is missing in action since becoming embroiled in the Post Office Horizon scandal and in an election year hardly contested the by-elections in either Kingswood or Wellingborough, losing their deposit in both.

So, where does that leave us?

The Tories by all accounts have given up, activists don’t want to campaign and are resigned to losing heavily. Labour are not offering a compelling proposition to voters. We are not in 1997 when Tony Blair actually inspired voters to back him with a good sales pitch and optimism for a change of direction.

Labour are facing accusations of anti-semitism amid their ranks. As a society we face a challenge on our streets between supporters of Palestine and Israel. For Keir Starmer this is becoming a massive issue which is unlikely to go away in the near future.

I would expect large sections of the Muslim community to leave Labour and for a Muslim focused political Party to appear. For Labour it is a seemingly impossible situation to maintain their Muslim vote while also expunging anti-semitism from within their ranks.

It is believed that up to 90 independent Muslim candidates are already in place across the country, ready to contest the general election. It is unlikely that Labour can win a working majority without their Muslim voters, even if they succeed in winning back around 25 seats from the collapse in SNP support in Scotland.

A week is a long time in politics. Nine months is an eternity and much can and will happen between now and then. One thing is for certain, 2024 will not be boring for UK politics.

Sunak Could Lose His Seat

It is not inconceivable that for the first time in political history we will see a sitting Prime Minister lose his seat in a general election. It is beyond comprehension that that could happen, but it is on the cards and I wouldn’t bet against it.

For too long the Tories have treated the electorate with contempt. They believe that they can do whatever they like and a few small tax cuts six months before the election will make the vast swathes of disillusioned ex-Tories return to the fold. I believe that those days are gone. The public are not that naive anymore.

People want change, but none of the legacy Parties are offering that change. There is only one box to put your cross if you value the democratic process, if you value personal freedom, if you value your country. Vote Reform for real, positive change.

Sunak has changed Stop the Boats into Stop the Votes

Three Legacy parties in Decline

The three legacy parties are disconnected from the general public. There is too much distance between them. MP’s are focused on the needs of Globalist big business and their desire for low cost imported labour. What about the indigenous working population?

We are told we have a leading education system but are incapable of teaching, of training our population to be able to fill the vacancies that we have to fill. The governments solution is to import those people to fill those jobs. It is lunacy to rely on immigration to fill those roles while we pay millions of people welfare for either unemployment or to top up their meagre wages.

If your wages aren’t adequate to live on then the system is broken. Keeping wages depressed through the EU and latterly through immigration is not beneficial for our economy. It is broken.

The government boast about our low unemployment, but they are massaging the figures. Over 6 million people receive universal credit. You can change the name of welfare, move people to a different column on a spreadsheet, but if people need financial support from the government then our economy is broken.

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