Stop the boats - Illegal arrivals by month, cumulative total for April

Stop the Boats

The Rwanda deterrent has to date done nothing to slow the volume of illegal immigration and sto the boats. As you can see from the graph above, the total for 2024 up to April the 30th is the highest it has been since 2018 and is showing no signs of reducing in the early part of May.

We have been assured by Rishi Sunak that the first proper Rwanda flight will take off successfully at the start of July. I can’t see that happening. We are being run by a powerful, compliant judiciary and immigration lawyers that will have little or no difficulty in getting their clients off the planes before they take off. All they need to do is to clain that their client fled from Rwanda or Congo and would be persecuted if returned. That would be check mate for the Rwanda plan, game over.

Meanwhile, in cahoots with the French we are shepherding growing numbers of illegal immigrants across the channel in dangerous, unseaworthy boats. Lives have already been lost and more will die risking the journey across the channel.

Rwanda is not a deterrent, at least not yet. It seems unlikely that it will begin to work as a deterrent.

Illegal migrants are not the doctors, nurses and scientists that our economy is short of. These are undocumented people, we do not know their history, their origin, their intent. Incidences od illegals committing crimes in the Uk has gone up in line with the numbers arriving and is not helped by the woeful police reaction to crime in the UK, effectively surrendering our streets to criminals, drug gangs, rapists, thieves, muggers and murderers.

We had enough indigenous criminals in the UK without importing or permitting the import of thousands that may or may not want to do us harm. Every rape, every murder, every attack by an illegal immigrant is an unnecessary crime that has been enables by the woke, neoliberals who have collectively permitted this invasion.

Stop the Boats - Illegal immigration arrivals numbers per month stats

The Tory Plan

Apparently the Tories have a plan. Apparently it is working. 750,000 migrants arrived net in 2023. A huge number when you are building few houses and already have public services that are not fit for purpose, not one of them. The taxes that used to be ample to pay for satisfactory services (never great, never superb, but adequate in the main), are not longer sufficient to pay for even a minimu level of service.

The Tories, (the party of low tax and small government) currently tax us more than at any time since the Second World War. Yet we receive less and less in return. Where is the money going? We have larger government than ever before. Ballooning local government, a ballooning civil service, ballooning councils that sub contract most of their services to profit making companies and yet require more and more personnel to manage the process.

We have PCC’s costing us millions a year, totally unnecessarily in my opinion, especially considering the woeful state of law enforcement. Having been in place for over a decade one might hope to have seen some discernable benefit from PCCs in exchange, but none is forethcoming.

The Tory plan is not working. They can claim it is as much as they like, but all bar a small contingent of Tory faithful, no one believes a word they say.

Labours Plan

Or more importantly Labours non-plan is to dismantle the smuggling gangs. Let’s face it, dismantling the drug gangs has gone so swimmingly well it is undoubtedly the model to follow.

Dismantling the gangs will not work. They will just replace their personnel and carry on. If you want to stop the drugs gangs and drug supply in the UK then police our borders. If you want to stop undocumented illigal economic migrants from entering the UK then police our borders.

Legally under SOLAS 1974 we can identify the boats in French waters, safely intercept them and return them to the nearest coast, the French coast. It is legal to do so. What isn’t written in law is for the French to rescue the boats in French waters and to escort them into British waters to be picked up by the RNLI and Border Farce to complete their journey in the UK. That is not policing our waters, that is assisting an illigal invasion by potentially dangerous economic migrants who we know nothing about and who will absorb precious resources in an already overstretched public services system.

Labours paln is not a plan. If and when Labour get into office we will see larger numbers of illegal and legal migration into the UK. They will further erode British culture, British standards of living, British society.

Labour are adamant that these arrivals will contribute to our society, despite the evidence that they failed to contribute to the countries that they came from. Of course people want a better life, but you achieve that by creating it, not by moving to a country that has already done so for its citizens and taking what you want from that society.

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Stop the Boat Numbers

We are on target in 2024 for the highest illegal arrivals on record. Rwanda is not acting as a deterrent, the risk of being one of a few hundred that end up on a plane to Rwanda is not deterring anyone and as above, if they are unlucky enough to be chosen then they can just claim to have fled from Rwanda and they can’t be sent back again.

Stop the boats is massive issue, this destruction of the British standard of living, of British culture will not stop with the Tories in charge, nor will it change with Labour at the helm. Labour are so keen to retain the Muslim vote and not lose it to George Galloway that they will continue to import Labour voters in large volumes.

None of this ends until the electorate vote for it to end. At the local elections on May 2nd we saw newly elected councillors, elected supposedly to empty the bins, repair the roads and maintain drains claiming victory for Gaza and shouting “Alluh Akbar”. Green councillors, independents, Workers Party. When these 3 coalesce under one sectarian umbrella then politics in the Uk will undergo a radical transformation.

We have never experienced sectarian voting in Great Britain, but it is here and it is here to stay.

Sectarian Politics

Sectarian voting has arrived in the UK. Whereas the majority still vote on two party lines with steadily increasing numbers moving away to vote for the policies they want rather than along the party lines that their forefathers have historically supported, one group is voting on religious lines.

George Galloway has harnessed the Muslim vote or is in the process of harnessing it. The local elections were interesting in that we saw some Green and independent councillors elected with largely Muslim support. We are told that there is no evidence that the Muslim population block vote, but many who have taken part in the election process have a different view.

Imams wield a huge amount of power and influence when it comes to voting intention. 100% no, but the majority certainly. This used to be a Labour vote, but that changed on May 2nd. The Muslim vote is deserting Labour. 4.5 million voters who all vote. They have the ability to make inroads into Labours supposed lead in the polls.

While native Britons vote in line with the parties that hold and follow our core political beliefs and policies, 4.5 million coordinated sectarian votes have the power to influence, the power to get MP’s elected and are surprisingly easy to activate as a political force.

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Sectarianism is Dangerous

So, how do you fight sectarianism when society is divided across different party lines? Without doubt, it is not going to be easy to do. The majority will continue to vote on their traditional party lines, leaving the door wide open for a sectarian party, even one with a minority population to make large inroads in British politics.

I suspect that the majority won’t even see it coming until it has already happened. We are in a perfect storm for the collective Muslim vote to massively dent the Labour vote and gain MPs in some cities and towns.

A well organised minority will always outperform a disorganised, divided majority.

Several political commentators have pointed out that Galloway has achieved rapid growth in just a few months out performing Reform UK, but let’s examine that for a moment. Galloway and his candidates have campaigned on one issue Gaza and the Labour stance on Gaza and ceasefire.

Reform UK on the other hand have a far broader remit with their manifesto “Contract” covering almost every area of policy, a comprehensive stance on all of the big issues, the challenges facing us as a country.

In short, the two parties are not comparable and whereas Galloway is attracting muslims just because they are Muslims, Reform UK are attracting support from across the political divide because of their policies and beliefs which is a slower, harder process.

In summary, as a country we need to stop the boats while we find a way to successfully integrate the many different cultures that we already have in the Uk into one, successful, safe, society. Until we achieve that we must stop the boats.