Tories Have Done Nothing to Stop Immigration

Hi Jake, do you know what the thing is, the government, the Conservative government have been weak and consocialist and they haven’t done anything, they’ve been inactive and they’ve not been a very good government. They’ve also lied to us, remember immigration is ruining this country, they said they’d get illegal, they’ld stop illegal immigration and they would get legal immigration down to tens of thousands and they’ve lied to us and they haven’t done it.

But, for anyone out there that’s thinking that Labour, why would anyone think that vote, why would anyone think that voting Labour is going to solve any of our problems? It’s going to make everything worse and I’ll tell you why, because what you’re going to get, more mass immigration, they’re going to drag us back to the EU, Kicking and Screaming.

You’re going to get more woke agenda, you’re going to get more green agenda, more rules, more green restrictions, it’s going to get worse.

Daniel who are you gonna vote for then? I’m gonna vote Reform UK, but if you look at it, I give you an example, look at everything that Labour runs, it turns to you know what, London’s a toilet, Wales is mismanaged, you’ve got Birmingham city council, they’re all broke.

Why would you vote for Labour when everything they run is abysmal? Well, it’s hard to disagree with you Daniel, but I just say do you think Reform UK have got the right ideas to change the country for the better?

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 The Tories Need To Go

I think what they’ll do is they’ll make the actual Conservative party take a step back and actually get rid of half of them that are weak centrists cons-socialists and come back as a force and come back as an actual right of centre Conservative party, because when you’ve got the two options in the way, our political system works, it’s broken and the majority of people in this country are, we’ve given the current government explicit instructions to do many things and they’ve not done it and Labour will only make things worse.

We have to have a right of centre government that we voted for and if you do. Thank you I get what you’re saying, you don’t like these CINOs as Liz Truss calls them, Conservatives In Name Only.

Thank you very much for calling into the show really interesting to hear from a Reform UK voter. Stella, do you do you agree with them?

So I have a lot of sympathy for what the callers was saying, because I do understand when you are looking at the political party system and you’re saying it’s broken and you have no trust that anyone is going to do anything different, I have a lot of sympathy for that but I do think, I want to say it’s unfair when Labour has not been in power for 15 years to say everything they run doesn’t work and like he gave some examples, he said he was unhappy with London. Daniel said Wales was falling behind, he gave the example of Birmingham city council’s gone bankrupt, he did give us some examples.

We can name to councils that have gone bankrupt as well, yes, loads of and loads more councils are going to be bankrupt in the next year, it really is not something that has to do with the political party. I’m sure that there is the problem because actually there’s two points to think about here is first of all even if we have a Labour government there is no magic wand, if there was a magic wand in British politics Richi Sunak would be waving it frantically now, would fixing all the ills.

Labour – From Things Can Only Ever Get better to Can Things Possible Be Any Worse?

If Labour come into power and if you believe the opinion polls that’s likely you know, the fundamental fact is we’re an aging population, we’ve spent £400 billion on Covid, there’s the wars and energy crisis around the world. Labour isn’t coming up with something really radical to change this, they’re just sort of saying well, if we change the management things will get better.

I just don’t accept they will actually yeah and I understand that I honestly do, but at the same time you cannot blame the Labour party when you’re looking at councils. If you being honest, I know you’re a former Labour activist, if you being honest you can’t really blame the government for councils can you? Can’t really blame the government for Ukraine.

I think the problem for Labour is obviously things can only get better was the famous song and slogan and feeling in 1997. I think the problem is the Labour government’s going to get elected on a feeling that things can’t get any worse or you know you can’t do a worse job so I mean I think that is the issue of whether it’s going to be a sort of a government starting in hope or starting in despair with a kind of national mood. It is a big question.

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