It’s Time to Leave the ECHR

To this week’s Sunday sermon yes, Britain’s favourite Sunday sermon and it’s pretty obvious what we need to talk about because the most extraordinary thing has happened.

Yes, our good old friends those judges some of whom are not judges at all by the way in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), they’ve made the most extraordinary ruling yes, in favour of some lovely ladies in Switzerland who decided to sue the Swiss government that had already legislated to get to Net Zero in 2050 (in their own stupid foolishness).

But these ladies. said they weren’t doing enough and so they sued them under article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the right to a family life.

Well, that’s all very nice I’m sure, but what these judges have done is they have basically given a cart blanch to citizens and eco zealots all over, all of the countries who are now signatories to the European Convention on Human Rights which includes us in the United Kingdom, because we still haven’t left it, despite many promises from this Conservative government.

That we should seriously look at it and despite the fact that of course of course it’s the ECHR that is stopping us from having an effective workable asylum policy, but I know now the eco zealots can sue all of our governments if they don’t think we’re going fast enough.

This ruling has devastating consequences on our prosperity, on our economy, on our energy, on our wealth, on our jobs and where we’re going to end up sending our money to because zealot after zealot is going to sue the UK government saying we’re not doing enough in order to get to Net Zero by 2050.

ECHR Rulings are Not Democratic

I mean it’s just truly extraordinary but the good news is I think people will wake up and realize that actually what on earth have a bunch of judges in a foreign court got to do. What’s their right to tell our elected politicians who in their own wisdom have decided to go down the same Net Zero route by 2050.

But what right do they have? I mean they’re neither qualified in law some of them, they’re not qualified in science, they haven’t looked at the scientific evidence, they’ve just gone with what they see as the nice cosy consensus establishment route.

They have no right whatsoever to tell our elected politicians what judgments they should be making. The whole point of sovereignty, the whole point of taking back control of our laws, our borders, our rules and our money was so that our politicians could be accountable to us the British voters.

We shouldn’t tolerate this in the slightest, we should say actually it’s another seriously good reason to leave the European Convention on Human Rights so that we’re not subject to these ridiculous rulings from the European Court of Human Rights.

We know the damage they’re doing to our asylum policy and now they’re going to do damage to our economy. I just think the whole point of a democracy is that the voters can appoint our representatives to make decisions on our behalf and then if they make the wrong decisions, if they don’t listen to the voters, they promise to do things that they then don’t carry out, then we the voters can kick them out.

But if that’s not the case, if actually some overseas court with these “judges”, if they can make the rulings, they can make the determination well then bluntly what’s the point of democracy?

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UK Government Must be Sovereign

What’s the point of having elections in the United Kingdom if it’s all going to be determined by those folk over there in Strasburg? This has got to stop.

Whilst on the one hand it’s a horrifying judgment, on the other hand I hope it serves as a serious wakeup call. This is not a benign body focusing on human rights, exactly the opposite this is a deeply political motivated body that is pursuing a centrist globalist agenda.

Maybe some folk here in the UK should actually go to the ECHR and say that our right to a successful economy, our right to jobs, our right to Prosperity is being damaged by the pursuit of Net Zero and the right under article 8 to a happy joyous family life is being ruined by this obsession with getting to Net Zero CO2 emissions.

That’d be quite interesting wouldn’t it? Have another go but you know what the answer would be yeah because it doesn’t suit the globalists, it doesn’t suit the vested interests making a fortune out of impoverishing the rest of us with Net Zero obligations.

So of course, the ECHR would rule in their favour, this is a seriously extraordinary moment, it’s a wakeup call and I hope that the British people will say we’re done with this.

I’ve absolutely had enough. We’ve got to vote in or out our own politicians and they must be accountable, be held accountable to the British people. We can’t hold those judges accountable; we should have nothing whatsoever to do with them.

It is time ladies and gentlemen to leave the European convention on human rights, no ifs, no buts and with that enjoy your day here endeth Britain’s favourite Sunday sermon