Freedom of Speech

Welcome to this week’s favourite Sunday sermon. What a week, absolutely extraordinary, it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry or just give up, but actually something remarkable has happened this week. Yes, the lefties who don’t like it, if you have a different opinion from their establishment globalist consensus. They’ve exposed themselves in their full dictatorial glory in none other than Brussels, the home of the European Union.

Yes, this week was when there was a conference by some people who had right of Centre political views, that some might call conservative views and there was this big conference people like Suella Braverman was invited people like Miriam Kates, Nigel Farage was invited and various others but oh no, their views were unacceptable on things like conservatism, on things like free speech, on things like protecting children from the wokery of gender ideology and therefore the whole conference must be shut down.

The mayor of Brussels none other, clearly a very important mayor, he determines that it must be shut down because it’s a danger to public order, to safety. Really let’s be honest he just didn’t like what he thought they might have to say and so here we are, in the epicentre of the European Union, they sent dozens of police along to shut down this conference this debating chamber and that was after they had already shut down the first venue a few days before.

They got moved to a second venue that was shut down the night before and so they had to resort to a third venue where a very brave gentleman owner allowed them to have this conference and hopefully, he will receive lots of business in his establishment from people in the future for having the courage to stand up for free speech.

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NatCon Conference Shut Down

But these lefties, they’ve absolutely shown their true colours and whilst it’s horrific on the one hand to see free speech being shut down like this on the other hand it’s a massive wakeup call to all of us. This is what dictators do, this is what people who don’t like debate unless you agree with them, it’s what they do, it’s what snowflakes do. Yes, it’s unreal but it’s here now in 2024 and this just a week after they they’ve done a similar thing in Scotland.

Yes, should you have the temerity to have a view that might offend someone even in your own home then it’s a hate crime that can be reported to the police Scotland. They’ve had I think at the last count some 10,000 reports in the first couple of weeks or so, another massive assault an absolute brutal assault on freedom of expression, freedom of speech and indeed the right to offend.

It’s closing in on us so while you could sort of send me up, laugh at what was going on in Scotland because it’s come from none other than Hamza useless himself. But actually, I think we’re seeing this is not a laughing matter, this is serious but now we know what they’re up to and it’s completely and utterly outrageous.

We’ve got to stand up to it, we’ve got to talk about it, we’ve got to battle against it, we’ve got to tell all the elected representatives this stuff stops, goes no further. We’ve got to push it back, push it back to the sea and beyond, we don’t want that, we want freedom of expression, but we can do it in a lawful way. The right to protest, no it’s an important right but it doesn’t give you the right to incite hatred or violence or racism, like antisemitism that is the difference. It was an amusing sight I have to say, Nigel Farage being on the stage, talking about the police who were literally trying to get in to take the microphone off him, you couldn’t make it up.

Wake Up Call for Us All

I mean the media, just an absolute bonanza for them so hopefully it’s a blessing in disguise but it’s a serious wakeup call.

In other news of course this week we’ve seen that once again the so-called experts that tell us what we must do and what we must think with regard for example to gender ideology. Yes and you have to accept their way, they know best. All these people, these gender transformational clinics at the NHS, well it turns out when actually you have a proper review of what’s going on you shine a light on the horrors that was going on at this Clinic that we were all funding.

There was no evidence that what these so-called professionals were doing was actually based on proper evidence. No, it was just a whim and yet they were damaging children and can you imagine, I mean the basic premise of medicine is “Do no harm” and yet six of the seven groups of professionals asked to provide evidence to this inquiry and again it’s about you know the importance of transparency of proper examination of data.

That’s what freedom of speech is all about, these six groups they refuse to provide evidence to this inquiry. Why, because they had something to hide, it’s a bit like these lefty socialists who don’t like debate they’ve got something to hide, they don’t like the truth coming out and this cast review has shone a light on the appalling things, the damage that’s being done to already vulnerable children who may have various health issues, anxieties, depression, concern.

They’ve literally been experimented upon, this is what’s going on folks we’ve got to wake up, we’ve got to have the courage to call it out and to say no, this stops here and this essentially is what the coming general election will be all about.

It’ll be about the difference between the so-called experts who turn out to be leading us up completely the wrong path and what I call Basic Common Sense, freedom of speech, freedom of speech is a basic human right and we’ve got to battle for it because otherwise we’ll end up in serious trouble under the dictatorship of the Socialists. So, watch out, they’re coming for you, keep alert. Here endeth my Sunday sermon

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