Flip Flop Keir Starmer

Using Private Healthcare to Cut waiting Lists

It’s a matter of absolute principle, you shouldn’t make money for mental health and that’s it is a matter of principle, it’s an absolute matter of principle that that’s been underused and we could do more of it.

That would clear you know 230,000 people off the waiting lists a year, more use of the private sector in the NHS. Under Labour yes? What about University tuition fees then, will you remain committed to scrapping them in first term? All pledges Andrew, so the answer to these questions is yes.

Tuition Fees

So University tuition fee being scrapped will be in a  Keir Starmer Manifesto? Yes, that’s why in next election I think we are going to set out a fairer solution, but it won’t be the abandoning of tuition fees will it? Well, we are likely to move on from that um commitment.

Freedom of Movement

We have to make the case for freedom of movement. We don’t want open borders; freedom of movement has gone and it’s not coming back.

Jeremy Corbyn

To pay tribute to Jeremy Corbyn who’s a friend as well as a colleague. Is he a friend, was he a friend? No.


I think the decision was by the Home Secretary was the wrong decision and I think it was a rushed decision. I think the court decision yesterday is the right decision.


So is it a pledge that these industries will be in your Manifesto for nationalization? Yes, it is. Do you stand by your pledge to support common ownership of rail, mail, energy and water? We’ve got to be practical, that was a very specific pledge however which has now gone.

Given that you’ve ditched policies such as scrapping tuition fees and nationalizing energy companies the policies that you won the Labour leadership on why should anyone believe anything you say anyway?

If you can’t keep your promises, don’t make them in the first place.

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