Rupert Lowe, Reform UK by electionKingswood by-election is going to be another landmark moment in Reform UK’s short history. Rupert Lowe is second favourite with the bookies behind the Labour party.

Third in the betting are the Liberal Democrats with the Tories trailing in fourth place.

As and when Reform UK beat the Tories as they are looking likely to do in both Kingswood as well as in Wellingborough with Ben Habib, it will send shockwaves through Westminster.

While it is possible that either Rupert or Ben may deliver a masssive upset and win their respective by-elections, the bookies are expecting Reform UK to beat the Tories in either one or both by-election seats.

Outperforming the Tories in a by-election ahead of the general election later this year will send a significant message to the legacy parties that have taken the electorate for granted for far too long.

In Kingswood, it is up to the electorate to send that message, to vote for real change from the status quo, the vote for Rupert Lowe and Reform UK.

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