Rochdale by electionRochdale will be held just two weeks after the Wellingborough and Kingswood by-elections. It looks likely that the Rochdale by-election will be a massive moment in the Reform UK story.

Simon Danczuk, former Labour MP for Rochdale (2010 – 2017) is the Reform UK candidate. The Rochdale by election is on February 29th 2024.

Rochdale deserves a strong MP to fight for the needs of the constituency. Simon Danczuk is just that person. Simon will stand up for the left behind, the ignored, for the hard pressed tax payer. Too many people are fed up with being last in the queue for public services, for housing, for healthcare.

Legacy parties are increasingly being squeezed by alternative options. The Tory vote is collapsing as fast as Reform UK are rising in the polls. Labour seems unable to walk the Muslim, Israeli tightrope. Retaining the support of the pro Palestinian, Hamas sympathiser section of the British community while simultaneously not appearing to be anti-semitic.

Those two stances are not mutually compatible. At some point they are destined to hemorrhage vote share from one side of the divide or the other.


The people of the Rochdale Constituency deserve to be represented by an MP who has their best interests at heart. People are fed up with having policy done to them “for their own good”. Instead, they want policy carried out for them. Lower taxes, controlled borders, access to public services, safe streets, that are policed and paved adequately.

On the 29th February, vote for real change, vote Simon Danczuk for Reform UK.

Recent by-election results in both Kingswood and Wellingborough are a breakthrough. Demonstrating for the first time that Reform UK are a genuine player on the political stage. Reform delivered 10% and 13% respectively, mirroring Reform UK’s national polling. They will seize the  opportunity to continue to build on their support. More and more disaffected Tories are defecting & joining the insurgent centre right Party.

Disillusioned Tories are not defecting to Labour. Starmers Labour only offer more left leaning policies than the ones they are currently saying no to in their droves. Reform, the only party representing small ‘c’ conservative policies of low tax, secure borders, fiscal responsibility and a strong military. Reform UK represent small ‘c’ conservatism with compassion for the lowest paid.

Currently, the situation for the Tories is dire. The situation for Labour isn’t resounding positive either. Neither Kingswood nor Wellingborough demonstrated a jump in the popularity of Keir Starmer or Labour. In both by-elections Labour didn’t gain voters in any volume. (In Kingswood Labour lost 5,000 voters and in Wellingborough they only gained 107!).

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Labour aren’t Winning, Tories are Losing

We are not witnessing a 1997 style Labour party march to No. 10. Instead, we are witnessing a collapse in support for the Tories. By default this has propelled a lacklustre Labour party into the lead.

The UK has a weak government, intent on self destuction. We need an opposition who at very least oppose. Instead we are offered more of the same. Unwanted Tory policies on steroids. Higher taxes, bigger government, more borrowing, more unfettered spending, more DEI forced inequality.

Rochdale by election is another opportunity for Reform. Rochdale by-election will occur just two weeks after the two by-elections in Kingswood and Wellingborough. It is expected that Reform UK will build on their recent successes.

Simon Danczuk is working hard in Rochdale to continue to build Reform UK support. Only Reform UK are providing a genuine alternative to the failing legacy parties.