Wellingborough by election latest betting oddsThe Wellingborough by-election on February 15th 2024 is set to be the best result so far for Reform UK.

Bookies currently have Reform UK as second favourites in Wellingborough at 9/1 ahead of the Tories who are trailing at 12/1.

The Labour party remain the favourites for now on 1/14 with just 5 days to go.

If the result mirrors the bookies prediction, this will be a seismic result, beating the Tories and coming second.

In a strongly Brexit voting constituency such as Wellingborough (62% leave – ref: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/research-reports-and-data/our-reports-and-data-past-elections-and-referendums/results-and-turnout-eu-referendum/eu-referendum-results-region-east-midlands) it is a little strange that Labour should be in the lead, considering their candidate to be the next Wellingborough MP is campaigning on a platform for a second referendum, wants to rejoin the failing EU, wants us to be governed by a foreign body.

Why would any leave voters vote for any of the three legacy parties?

Globalism is Failing

The globalist experiment of mass immigration to keep wages low has failed us. Our services have failed to keep pace with mass immigration, so we queue longer to see a GP, to get a hospital appointment or to have an operation.

We have a housing shortage that would require 500,000 new homes per year just to keep pace with the current influx, let alone to catch up with the shortfalls of the last two decades or more which has seen the population grow by over 10 million.

If you value our national heritage, our culture, if you value our traditional society values, there is only one home for your vote.

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Integration isn’t Working

The three legacy parties want the country to change at a rapid rate. For the native population of the UK to be diluted and usurped by different cultures, by people with different values to our own. Cultures that don’t integrate and meld into our culture, but form segregated communities, maintaining their own cultures, language and values.

Nowhere else on earth are as accommodating as the UK, providing translators and multilingual signage at great expense which instead of being inclusive actually negates the need for immigrants to learn our language and thus prevents many from working, from integrating into society from contributing to our national success.

On February the 15th in Wellingborough, vote for change, vote to end managed decline, vote for a fairer deal for ordinary, everyday people. Equality should mean just that, equality for all, not for a “Britons last” culture prioritising our taxes on helping everyone except the tax payers themselves.

Vote Reform UK, #BackBrexitBen