BBC Apologises for calling Reform UK ‘Far Right’

But first up the BBC has apologized to Reform UK after calling it ‘far right’ in a news report. The corporation made the claim during a report about the Liberal Democrats spring conference although Reform is arguably to the right of the Tory party on certain issues like legal and illegal immigration and the tax burden it has always stated its political aims are not motivated by political ideology. But were the BBC right or wrong to use this label? Are Reform UK ‘far right’?

Let’s speak to former government minister and Reform UK supporter, arguably other than Nigel their most high-profile supporter Ann Widdecombe. Are Reform UK ‘far right’?

No, it’s a nonsense, I mean if, when you get a common-sense party that is just saying a lot of things that a lot of people agree with and want actually to see done rather than just talked about. If you immediately say they are far right and of course I know exactly why they’re saying that. It’s not because of our policies on anything, say immigration. The instant you start talking about immigration and the need to control it and what you might do to control it, at that point everybody says or you’re ‘far right’ or whatever it might be. That is just a nonsense, far right I mean far left is communist, far right is fascist, we are not believe it or not fascists.

Glad to hear it, Reform UK has ditched an election candidate an after claims emerged that he fantasized about deporting millions of British citizens to get rid of and I quote the foreign plague we’ve been diseased with.

BBC apology statement for calling Reform UK 'far right'

Reform UK Growing Pains

Is this the kind of person that Reform UK is attracting well, obviously we moved very fast and deep to remove that candidate and that was the right thing to do. All parties get Rogue candidates, all parties are embarrassed both during elections and just during ordinary parliaments by somethings that a candidate says. That is our view and that is why we removed the candidate and we didn’t mess about. You know it was done immediately.

I find you among the most persuasive political commentators in the country, that’s why we love having you on the show every Sunday night. You’re the jewel in the crown of Mark Dolan tonight every Sunday and I think that the policy platform of Reform UK is based on common sense and are rather attractive.

But aren’t Reform a bit like the Liberal Democrats of old they can say anything because they’re never going to win power?

Well, no, I mean we’ve produced a very carefully costed set of measures, very carefully costed, so nobody can say we can’t do it, but your point is you know we’re never going to get past well, it’s time for change.

You yourself said so just now you know you were talking about the Labour party but actually it’s time for change in a much bigger sense. It’s time to get rid of this idea that you must vote for one of the two main parties. It’s time for that sort of change because they’re both useless and that is why Reform is now attracting a large number of members and why Reform is now very steadily climbing the polls most definitely.

How Will Reform UK Stop the Boats

But Ann, going back to the fantasy politics argument, how are Reform UK going to stop the boats should they win power? Is it Richard Tice in a naval uniform on a frigate turning the boats back himself?

Well, that’s a wonderful thought my father was in the Navy so that’s pretty good thought, but no of course that’s not what we’re planning to do. Look at what Australia did and look at what Belgium did people tend to forget Belgium and the answer is that what you do is you intercept the boats and you take the occupants of the boats back to where they came from which in in this case is France and by the time you’ve set off and had to go back you know several times, you’ve run out of money, you’re no longer able to pay the trafficking agents, so that is the first thing.

But the second thing is okay some will still get through, they will be held in secure reception centres, not hotels where they can come and go and disappear, in secure reception centres so that we can process them quickly and again take them back if we’re going to refuse their claim. And a lot of fuss by the way in case you’re wondering, let me just stress this international law already allows us to do that, it allows us to intercept and turn people back who are entering our waters illegally.

It allows us to and let me add that I’m sure Richard Tice looks excellent in a naval uniform he’s got the shoulders for it.

But, at Reform UK you’re very tired of this question. Is a vote for Reform UK a vote for the Tories and I understand your frustration that was the argument for UKIP and the Brexit party?

Reform UK are a Threat to Tories & Labour

So, let’s look at it from the other side, are Reform UK also a threat to Labour? oh I think we’re becoming an increasing threat to Labour because the red wall very much share our values very much and your ordinary Labour voter who wouldn’t actually touch the Tories with a 10-ft barge pole now has an option. He has the option of Reform UK which is speaking his or her language. So, I think yes, we are a very big threat Labour and over the coming months that will become more manifest.

I mean it’s inevitable that you concentrate on the government to start with because after all they’re in charge, they’re the ones making a mess of it, but now that Labour is you know coming up with policies and all the rest of it. We should be more focused on Labour so yes, we’re a threat to both.

I’m very pleased to say, but that threat will not turn into reality unless people have the guts to vote for change and that’s what I would say to people. If you really want change, find your courage and vote for it now. I’m getting a bit frustrated with politicians being hung out to dry for saying uncontroversial things that are true.

Is £100,000 a Lot of Money?

Your reaction to the chancellor Jeremy Hunt who has defended his comments in an interview when he said that £100,000 is not a huge amount of money it isn’t is it? By the time you’ve paid your mortgage, your child care, your tax, piano lessons for the kids you name it, life isn’t cheap anymore. Is £100,000 a huge amounts of money?

No, it’s not, I mean quite clearly you know it would seem like a million to some people who are on at very low wages, but the fact is that some GPs earn that, you know the head of a large comprehensive will earn that in the private sector and in industry lots and lots of people will earn that. It’s no longer, you know something that you can’t aspire to so no I don’t think it’s a huge salary.

It’s certainly a very comfortable one but it’s not a huge and I look forward to seeing you in a week’s time. My thanks to the formidable ex-government Minister and broadcaster Ann Widdecombe.

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