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Joining me now is Rupert Lowe former Brexit Party MEP and spokesman for Reform UK. Rupert, thank you so much for joining us here on talk today, you’ll be really pleased about this super pole in the Sun today showing that Reform UK is on a record high of 16%?

Well Jake, this isn’t new, this has been happening for a while now. I think the sort of 22 million hardworking Englishmen who suffer in silence and pay their taxes have had enough of the sham that we call our political system which is not functioning.

I think this is an extremely seismic moment and sadly I don’t think either Starmer or Sunak and their sort of clowns in Parliament quite appreciate what’s happening. This is Middle England saying it’s had enough of the state basically growing like a weed, not working properly, inserting rule licensing all sorts of Net Zero nonsense which as we know is not proven.

It’s all just hypothesis and they’re trying to destroy the way in which everybody lives their lives, honestly, decently and they’re over taxing them. So it’s hardly surprising that Reform UK which is what it says on the tin, we are real people standing for reform of the way the country is governed and what we want to do is foster enterprise, foster the ability of people to further themselves and actually stop this creep of socialism and central planning.

First of all, just to pick up on a couple of things, I think you’ve told us what Reform UK is standing for I mean first of all in that 22 million you did say it’s Englishmen. I assume it’s English men and women and British people in general because English men are used generically okay.

Are Reform UK Performing?

That’s fine I just wanted to pick you up that. I know you get fixated with little things like that. Fact of the matter is this is serious come on, let me have a go come on, so look you will be really pleased by the way happy Easter. Happy Easter Jake, it’s Easter. When it comes but fair play you know you’ll be pleased with that but it’s not enough to win is it, so even if you went from 12% to say 14% you won’t be winning a general election you probably won’t have any MPs would you accept that?

No, I don’t because I think it’s a bit like the Möhne Dam Jake when Barnes Wallace’s bouncing bomb hit the dam it took several bombs to go off before the dam cracked. So the cracks have been appearing the water is now flowing through and there’s only one way it’s going okay. Well come on Rupert Dambuster Lowe, then let me ask you this.

Reform UK has done quite well in the polls but it is the lion that doesn’t roar in my opinion because you were the candidate in Kingswood on the same day as the Wellingborough by election and I can’t remember, I can’t remember your exact vote showing but in Wellingborough Reform UK only got 13% and it was being talked about by journalists and politicians somewhere Reform UK would do very well.

It was a 60% plus vote leave seat so you have got these good poll ratings but you’re not outperforming them when it comes to contact with the voters are you?

Well I think what we achieved in Wellingborough and Kingswood was actually huge and you know Kingswood where I stood because the appropriately named Chris Skidmore stood down, ultimately that’s I think 350th on our target seats and we ended up with 10.4% of the vote okay from standing.

Blackpool South By Election

Let me ask you this then, I don’t know you may know where Blackpool South is on your target seat list that’s a by election coming up on the 2nd of May. How is Reform UK going to win that? Where’s that on your target seat and how do you think you’ll do?

Well I think Reform UK Jake is there to allow people to vote for a party from outside the current political establishment. You said that Rupert, you’ve said that specifically on Blackpool South by election though, where is it on your target list and how do you think you’ll do?

Do we have a specific target? No, are we standing to allow the voters in Blackpool South an alternative to the existing two party State and ultimately we are there if they choose to vote for us, they’ll vote for us if they choose not to vote for us they won’t vote for us, but we have an extremely good candidate there and we are optimistic that we will continue the trend of doing well.

When we stood in Wellingborough and Kingswood by the way the polls were less favourable to us than they currently are now so they’re continuing, the trend is continuing we are growing in popularity because we offer common sense policies we offer effectively the British people a chance to take back control of their lives, stop all this nonsense that’s being pushed down our throats, cut the size of the state, start to address the problems we’ve got with immigration which is absolutely out of control.

Sort out the indolence that now festers in our society where you’ve got nearly six million people who are actually not working, are on benefits of some kind. We cannot allow that to continue, it’s not right. Rupert, look I wanted to ask you about small boats but we’ run out of time, thank you so much really enjoy having you on the show thank you for taking the time to talk. Pleasure, happy Easter to you when it comes as they say.

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