William Wragg MP

William Wragg MP, who was permitted to keep the whip after being caught not only embarrassingly sharing naked pictures on Grindr with people he had never met, but then, subsequently passing on the details of other MPs to the same anonymous bad actors, has ‘voluntarily’ surrendered the whip.

In and of itself sending explicit selfie pics is not illegal although I would of course question the wisdom of doing so, especially not knowing the identity nor the age of the receivers. I can’t claim to understand why one might do such a thing, especially if you were elected to a position of authority and potentially vulnerable to blackmail and exploitation.

No. 10 said that Wragg would not lose the whip. An unbelievable decision in my opinion. If nothing else, surely this level of poor decision making called into question Wragg’s suitability for the office to which he was elected?

The reasoning seems to be that this was not his fault. Whose fault was it, if not his? Honey traps have always existed, bad actors and foreign operatives will always seek to compromise our politicians.

In total 12 MPs had their details shared by Wragg scandal. Three of them responded to the honey trap. That is 25% for crying out loud. It says more about the calibre of the MPs we elect and the parties that no longer hold those MPs to account for their poor judgement.

What Happened to Common Sense?

I am cautious about sending my headshot out for press requests, let alone an explicit, compromising photo. What good could possibly come from doing so? This is an issue of personal judgement, or, more importantly the complete lack of it.

Wragg has stood down from two committees as he faces increasing pressure to resign as an MP, finally, belatedly giving up the whip. It is not enough to play the mental health issues card when MPs get caught doing stupid things, it is now becoming standard protocol to plead mental health issues as a defence against inquiry or the sack.

We are being governed by middle managers who cannot cope with the pressures of conducting themselves to a reasonable standard. Is it any wonder why the country is in such a parlous state when you see the critical thinking abilities that we have elected to Westminster.

Questions needs to be asked because it appears there is far more to this story of betrayal than has been revealed to date.

Why has No. 10 defended My Wragg? Why has Jeremy Hunt defended him and described his actions as ‘brave’?

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