Reform UK Housing Policies

We are in the middle of a housing crisis because the government has messed up: 

We are importing hundreds of thousands of people, so the population is growing fast, which puts pressure on housing. 

Over the last 20 years, we have failed to build enough houses, so – by the law of supply and demand – the cost of housing rises which takes home ownership out of the reach of many people.

In addition, the government is attacking private landlords because they want their friends in big businesses, such as Lloyds Bank, to become the nation’s landlords. 

So, they are squeezing landlords out of the market by making tax changes hostile to small landlords.

Needed Reforms in the Housing Sector 

Here are Reform Party’s policies on housing:

  1. Fast-Track Planning: 

Reform UK will speed up and simplify the planning process, which will allow for planning permission to be gained at a much quicker pace. We will get more houses on the market quicker.

  1. Reduce the cost of building:

We will review developer contributions obligations, which will cut the cost of building houses and make them more affordable.

  1. Prioritise Local People: 

We will prioritise local people above overseas applicants for social housing. 

In parts of the UK, almost half of all social housing is occupied by immigrants, at the expense of the indigenous population who have paid into the system. 

    1. Incentive Small Landlords and Grow the rental market:

    Reform UK will scrap the 2019 Tax changes which made the rental market hostile for small, private landlords which forced them out of the market and left the rental market open for the Big Business and Banks to monopolise the Rental sector.

    The Conservatives work for big business and like to crush small business. 

    Reform will reverse that despicable trend and we will favour small, private landlords.

    1. Train our people with New Apprenticeships and Vocational Courses: 

    We will increase the supply of homegrown skilled workers in the housebuilding profession as opposed to importing foreign workers. 

    Let’s train our own people and pay them well, rather than import cheap foreign labour.

    With these policies, we can eliminate housing failure and replace it with success. 

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