Nothing Works

It occurred to me that there must be something that was working in the UK, a success story, something, just one thing we could rally behind, but try as I might.


Waiting Lists have increased drastically. With a growing population we need more hospital beds, more nurses, more doctors. The government know what their population goals have been.. The extra 12 million people in the UK in the last 20 years is not an accident, but they have failed to manage equivalent growth in the NHS service provision. In the early 1990’s we had 340,000 beds, and 460,000 nurses. Total, with over 12 million more people we only have 130,000 beds and 320,000 nurses.


Your chances of seeing a GP are next to zero. The high excess death rate that we currently have is not being helped by GP receptionists who seem intent on preventing appointments rather than enabling them. Maybe it is intentional to push customers into the private GP sector where many of our GPs work half the week.


Local councils charge more and more for less and less. Councils keep growing in size while simultaneously subcontracting out most of the services they provide.

Civil Servants

Working from home might be good for civil servants but for anyone wanting to access the services they used to provide it isn’t working.

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Pot holes

Our roads have never been in worse shape, heaping further costs onto motorists to replace tyres, repair wheels and suspension. We pay the council so that we don’t destroy our cars on the roads, so we are paying twice to receive nothing.

Social Care

Social care is underfunded for the needs of the nation. Funding adequate social care is it seems beyond us unless we make drastic changes to how we spend public money. If we want to be able to provide good quality care facilities then we need to reform the waste elsewhere. If we stop paying people not to work if they can, if we stop funding as many countries with foreign aid, if we cut wasted spending on quango’s, Victorian train technology that will go from outside London to outside Birmingham giving longer point to point journey times for over £100 billion from an ironically named high speed 2.

Energy Policy

We have the largest off shore wind farm in the world and some of the western world’s highest electricity prices. Enough said, renewables aren’t cheap or reliable.

Electric cars

Private buyers don’t want them. Who would opt for greater inconvenience, reduced range, long recharge times, high purchase price and low resale values?

Heat pumps

Only work in the most efficient new builds, for 8 million older homes they will not work.


Renewable energy isn’t working, while on paper it might be technically cheaper, but by the time you allow for the back-up base load to remain on standby and pay the renewable energy companies when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Add in the unrealistic cost of battery storage which again technically would make renewables work for us if the raw materials were either available or affordable and renewables are never going to work. The government is pot committed to hammering a square peg into a round hole.

Aircraft Carriers

Over £6 billion spent and neither can make it out of Portsmouth because we seemingly can’t fit them with engines that work. They have been described as unaffordable and yet the £37 billion that Sinak spaffed on the Covid App would have bought us 11 new aircraft carriers.

Defence policy in general

Since we rolled military pension provision into the Defence budget, we no longer have any money for weapons, soldiers, ships, tanks, rockets or any of the military essentials we require to defend the nation.

Our recent test firing of our nuclear deterrent was not the best way to convince the world that we can defend ourselves.

Border control

Control of our borders is non-existent. The government couldn’t be any worse at protecting our borders implying that the current level of both legal and illegal mass migration must be intentional.


We have thousands of charities in the UK. Many receive government funds (taxpayers funds). Only 10% of donations received must reach the cause, the rest can be legitimately used on expenses, wages and advertising.

HMS Diamond in the Red Sea

We have sent one warship to defend merchant shipping in the Red Sea. Unfortunately, we don’t have any missiles to arm it with so we are borrowing the missiles we need from the US. 

Pension policy

Due to fiscal drag a growing number of pensioners are having to pay tax on their pension. 

Net Zero Policy

Net Zero at all costs is currently costing over £30 billion a year to attempt to deliver by 2050. No one seems to be able to say with any certainty how much this will stop the climate from changing. The climate changed before industrialisation it will continue to do so.

Political Probity

Have our politicians ever made us question their integrity in such numbers. From watching porn in the House of Commons, pinching other men’s bottoms in clubs, sending naked selfies to strangers on Grindr and mystery suspensions such as Nick Browns. Menzies is the latest. There will be more to follow.

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MPs Standards

Being a member of the EU negated the need for leadership or leaders. Instead, we elected middle managers to oversee the implementation of whatever they were instructed by their European masters. Since Brexit we have been crying out for a leader with the will, strength and commitment to take on the blob and embrace the opportunities that Brexit offers. 

Law and Order

We have two tier policing in the UK. We expect our police to enforce the law equally without fear or favour. Police have been ignoring antisemitic protest banners & chanting while threatening other protestors with arrest for displaying the St George Cross or Union Flag.


Integration isn’t working out in the UK. The dream of a harmonious, integrated Britain has been shattered by the weekly protests by Hamas supporters chanting from the river to the sea, leaving our Jewish community feeling vulnerable and, in many cases, living in fear. For multiculturalism to work the incomers need to adopt the core culture and belief systems of the host nation, otherwise you will end up with separate cultures unhappily living side by side as we appear to be doing at present.

The Church of England

The Church seems to have gone woke, more interested in promoting Islam than Christianity


Britain invented human rights; the rights of Britons should be governed by a British court. Having a foreign unelected court deciding on British matters negates our democratic process. If our government cannot rule as a sovereign, autonomous government then you do not live in a democracy.

What’s the point of voting if a foreign court we have no control over can dictate terms to us.

2 party politics

The hundred-year-old two-party system is nearing the end of days. Two wings of the same bird that flies in the same direction regardless of which wing you choose. Modern technology and the internet has allowed us to see the protective system for what it is.


Education has been hijacked by Stonewall and other progressive organisations pushing transgender ideology. DEI is being compounded by the dominance of the liberal, progressive left within education.

We are doing our children no favours by teaching them all to be victims.


Universities used to exist to teach people how to think. As we have increased university numbers the quality of education has dropped and we commonly teach students what to think.


There are less and less NHS dentists available and not enough private dentists to go round. Dentistry is expensive and the nations teeth have never been in worse condition.

Fishing licences

We surrendered many fishing licences as part of the Brexit negotiations. A vibrant fishing industry regenerates ports and communities. We need to get rid of the foreign supertrawlers that are currently emptying the seas of fish and rebuild our fishing industry which will allow fish stocks to recover.


Productivity per capita has dropped off a cliff since Covid and lockdowns. Slowly many businesses are dragging staff back to the office but we need to do more. The public sector needs to be in the office 5 days a week.

GDP per capita

GDP per capita has been decreasing for years. You want to know why you feel poorer, this is it.

Migrant Hotels

The cost of housing illegal immigrants in hotels is massive. The Bibi Stockholm is costing over £4k per person per month. We could send them on 5* cruises for less money!

The governments solution is to move them into long term housing, either renting or buying on our behalf, with our money, just so they can boast that they are reducing the asylum backlog waiting list.

The Barge

The cost is massive, the benefit is marginal. Some politicians have made some very spurious decisions. The average cost to taxpayers per resident on the Bivi Stockholm is £4,000 per month!

Trains & Transport

Strikes, cost and reliability make it impossible to travel with any certainty at all and that uncertainty has been going on for years.

HS2 is a complete waste of money for the benefit, of which I can’t see one. If we had some vision, some ambition and built a Mag Lev with four stops, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh then we would link the major cities in the UK with genuine high-speed connectivity, fast, ambitious, forward thinking for the next century.

Car Insurance

Costs have gone through the roof for no reason at all apart from price gouging. Electric car insurance costs have no doubt increased premiums as they seem to catch fire far to frequently and can be easily written off in minor accidents if the hugely expensive batteries are damaged in an accident, but for the rest of us we represent no more risk than we did 12 months ago.

Bank Branches

Bank branches are thing of the past. The convenience of having a bank branch is gone. Local businesses can’t deal in cash as they can’t do their banking without a long drive. Cash is being removed from society and alongside it our freedom. We will miss it when it is gone.

If a business can’t get change from their local bank, they can’t provide change to shoppers so will try not to take cash, pushing more people into paying digitally. Less cash machines are available and they seem to be mostly empty further pushing people into digital.

Banks are not interested in providing a service for their customers who they treat like an inconvenience. If and when the government introduce their CBDC they will have full control over what you can buy and when you can buy it. Welcome to your digital prison.

Why do banking Apps measure your carbon footprint? What is the reason for that?


Supermarket employees have been encouraging customers to use robot checkouts for several years. Now there are very few members of staff left in the stores, they have actively pushed for their own demise.

Supermarket loyalty cards used to offer rewards based on what you spent. That has changed and now, most supermarkets sell everything at a discount to loyalty card holders and grossly inflated prices to anyone who doesn’t want to share their data with the store.

This push for your data is sinister. Ask yourself, why are supermarkets pushing so hard to get your data? What are they going to do with that data?

Imagine a world where we have a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). The UK government is already developing one, so it is coming. Once money is 100% digital, what you spend and where you spend it will be at your government’s discretion. To make that work, the government need detailed transaction data and that comes from the loyalty cards you happily use today.

In the future, to reduce alcohol consumption, meat consumption, fat, sugar or fuel consumption the government will be able to limit your spending using Social Credit Scoring.

Expect to hear “Sorry, you have exceeded your red meat allowance this month” when you try to buy your dinner.

This of course may not happen, but it already is in China and no one thought we would follow them into draconian lock downs of the healthy until we did so.

Prison Sentencing

Prisoners are let out of prison early to free up cells for new prisoners. We no longer send anyone to prison for a sentence under 12 months. Very few prisoners ever serve more than 50% of their sentence. Criminals are only punished is line with whether we have the space to punish them.

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Sentences look much tougher than they are. Few rapists serve more than 18 months for rape which is no punishment and does nothing to deter rapists or protect women.


The country is being run by lawyers who are making £ billions from our overinflated legal process. Our elected government now faces frequent legal challenges to its democratic decisions and often hides behind convenient legal decisions to avoid having to carry out the instructions of the people.


The once trusted “Aunty Beeb” is no longer trusted and has an obvious left wing, progressive bias in much of it programming and news coverage. Many people still believe that the BBC is unbiased which is leading to a lot of misleading information being propagated. The BBC has been repeating Hamas propaganda as fact for example.


We need a greater proportion of our food to be domestically produced. Food security is a core tenet of a successful economy. Food is seasonal but supermarkets have normalised the availability of fruits and vegetables all year round. For example; out of season strawberries taste of water and little else compared with fresh, British strawberries.

We need to adapt to eating locally produced, healthy, natural foods if we want to be healthy.

Water Companies

Whoever wrote the water companies privatisation contracts should be prosecuted for negligence. No water company should legally be allowed to pay a shareholder dividend while dumping raw sewage into our waterways, or while facilitating a hosepipe ban.

We haven’t built a new reservoir since 1991, while the population has grown by 15 million people. The governments solution is water meters to price people out of using water rather than collecting and managing the available water more efficiently.

The government has a duty to provide clean, safe, low-cost water to its people, especially in a wet country such as the UK.

We didn’t have sufficient reservoir capacity in 1976, we need to store more water. The £60 billion that has been paid to water company shareholders since privatisation would have gone a long way to building reservoirs, fixing leaks, and processing sewage efficiently and safely.

Food costs and imports

No one could have not noticed the rising food prices and smaller packet sizes totally out of proportion to the rate of inflation. While price gouging is undoubtedly happening, the global nature of much of our food supply and rising fuel costs has driven food prices up.

Camera surveillance

The UK is one of the most surveilled nations in the western world. Cameras do not prevent crime. Crime has risen in line with camera volumes. All that cameras do is to slightly increase the chances that if the crime against you is severe enough that the perpetrator will be caught. Or, to put it another way; the probability of being murdered in the UK has never been higher, but once you are dead we might have to opportunity to identify your murderer, who in all probability we will be aware of anyway and they can then be suitably punished by serving 50% of an inadequate prison sentence.

In the real world we don’t have the manpower or the inclination to monitor the cameras so most crimes while being filmed go unsolved.

LTN’s and 15 in cities

Part of the Agenda 2030 and Net Zero 2050 targets, the WEF strategy is for 15-minute cities whereby everything you ‘need’ will be available to you without the need to drive or leave your zone.

It sounds like a digital prison to me and the implementation of a CBDC and social Credit Score will enable the technology to keep people in their zones, restricting travel and personal freedoms.

ULEZ and congestion charges

Pollution is bad unless you pay for the privilege of doing so. ULEZ is a charter for the wealthy to carry on unhindered while the poorest suffer from increased costs and limitations on their freedoms.

Pay per mile is on its way. In principle PPM has an advantage over the current car tax system. If you use the roads then you pay to do so. If you only travel occasionally then you would pay far less. Lorries and vans wearing out the roads would pay more (I expect they will get a significant discount so as not to affect product prices) leaving private motorists to share the tax burden between them.

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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is under attack in the UK. Any speech that goes against the accepted narrative of progressive liberalism that currently seems to have the upper hand is shut down as hate speech, racism, transphobic or Islamophobic.

Biological facts are silenced, people who voice them are cancelled. Freedom of Speech means defending the rights of others to say things that you may not agree with.

We need to be able to debate everything in society but today, in the UK, the majority self-censor for fear of being attacked for stating what were only a few years ago accepted facts.

Blasphemy laws

We do not have blasphemy laws in the UK, unless you protest en masse outside a Batley school until a teacher is forced to go into hiding. Three years later he is still in hiding, still fears for his life. By default, by not responding to that event the police enabled a blasphemy law that does not exist.

Protests on the streets

We are, or at least were a country blessed with the freedom to protest. In recent years the police have surrendered those streets to the thugs who protest on them.

Rather than engage with racism, violent, incitement at the time, the modern, woke police policy is to record offenders and to then pick them up after the event, thus supposedly avoiding riots on the street.

What the police don’t appreciate are the optics of doing nothing in the face of racist chants and aggressive behaviour. It looks weak and like they have surrendered the streets to the mob. Kneeling in front of their aggressors, dancing at pride marches, failing to arrest racists is all playing its part in undermining the opinion of the police in the eyes of the majority of the public.


Our defence policy is in tatters. Our defence budget just about covers our military pensions liability with a little left over for maintaining our nation’s defence. Military procurement errors have given us two aircraft carriers that can’t sail anywhere because their engines do not work. We have a nuclear deterrent that doesn’t work. In fairness it doesn’t need to work, it just needs to exist. The last thing you would do is to test it publicly in case it didn’t work as was the case recently.

High Streets dying

Councils across the country have presided over the demise of the traditional British high street. What did they think would happen when they built out of town retail parks with free parking while charging for parking in the town centre, devoid of the largest retail brands?

Councils are short-sighted and don’t understand what they were trying to achieve. Planning is always given for greenbelt because it is the cheapest land to build on. Brownfield sites need costly remediation. Builders build on flood plains and greenbelt in preference.

Councils should have regenerated town centres with large central shopping centres and free parking to pull shoppers into towns. Organise traffic flows and public transport to handle the traffic, but they didn’t do that because in the short term it was more expensive and short termism always wins.

Out of town retail parks are thriving, busy, successful. If that footfall was still in town centres with adequate free parking, then town centres would be thriving today.


Our population is growing by around 500,000 per year and shows little sign of reducing any time soon. Each year we only build around 150,000 houses and people wonder why houses are unaffordable and unavailable. 

Fiscal Drag

The basic rate tax threshold hasn’t increased for several years, dragging more and more people into paying tax, even pensioners. The upper tax rate hasn’t increased either, also dragging more basic rate tax payers into the upper rate.

This is an invisible tax rise for millions of workers, taking more money out of their pockets and out of the economy, stifling growth & GDP.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

The progressive lefts push for diversity, equality and inclusion is creating division, inequality and exclusion.

Female athletes are excluded from winning their own sporting events, division in society has never been higher, with our differences being exaggerated rather than being downplayed. Including biological men in traditional women only places, toilets and changing rooms is not inclusive for the women and girls that used to have a safe place to get changed.

Who are the progressive left and how are they wielding so much control over our institutions?

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