Ann Widdecombe

Reform UK have solutions for the countries problems. While the legacy parties have spent the last 4 1/2 years failing to get to grips with the challenges we face, Reform UK have a plan, a strategy, a bold and bright plan to drive growth, to improve the standard of living across the county and to create prosperity.

If you can’t control your own borders you can’t maintain control over the country, the economy, public services or housing.

Unregulated immigration causes all our services to suffer. Immigration numbers are at historic highs and the Tories have given up on trying to control those numbers.

Why are migrants coming here? They are already in a safe country. France is a safe country, a signatory to all the migration conventions that we are signatory too. So why don’t they apply for asylum in France?

One big reason why they come here. We are the easiest country in the west in which to disappear in. You will be very unlucky to ever be removed. We do not have ID cards. We don’t practice detention. We spend £ billions on hotels and accommodation to house migrants.

We do have a flourishing black economy. Come to Britain, you will never have to leave.

Illegal Immigration

If you come to Britain without a valid claim to asylum, you will be detained and you will be sent back.

We need secure reception centres so that we know where they are and we can interact with them quickly and promptly.

Application processing needs to be swift and precise. We have as many arrivals by plane as we do by boat. Migrants get on planes with documents, then ditch them in midair and wait airside for a few hours on arrival. When they present at customs no one knows who they are or where they came from.

We need border force to meet the plnes and check documents on board.

Stop the Boats

We need to stop the boats, turn them around and return them to France. This is permitted in law and if we chose to we could already be doing so.

Rwanda isn’t happening.

Rwanda may or may not be permitted by the courts. Meanwhile we have open borders and Rishi Sunak is doing nothing to defend our shores.

Law and Order

Everybody is equal before the law. It has long been thus, except it no longer seems to be the case.

A Christian lady praying silently near an abortion clinic was arrested while protestors with anti-semitic placards does not get arrested? Where is the fairness? Where is the equality?

Child Maintenance Service Scandal

Head of CMS stated they had deliberately inflated claims, suicide amongst fathers is rising. The assumption is that men are always wrong. It is a new scandal in the making.

When the CMS makes a liability order, it cannot be challenged in a court of law. Magna Carta states that everything is challengeable in Law. Reform U is committed to immediately sweep away that provision.

Queues for justice are getting longer. Reform UK has pledged £2 billion into court system to help people to get their cases heard promptly.

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We do not have enough police in the UK. An extra 40,000 extra police will be created by Reform, but, what do we want them to do? Policing thought or crime? In offices or on the streets?

Ann Widdecombe was pushing for all these things in 1999, imagine if they had been implemented back then?

Freedom is the ability to go about your own business without fear.

Throughout this country there are people afraid to go out, with bars on their windows, locking themselves indoors before it gets dark.

Currently there are many Jews who are afraid to move about freely in the UK. This is therefore not a free Britain.

What does freedom mean? People are afraid to express their opinions. If you are at work, in a social group and you can’t say what you think, you are not free.

New Laws Limit our Freedoms

We will be free when we relearn to tolerate other peoples opinions. We will be free when everyone is treated the same.

Reform UK will restore our basic freedoms.