Labour are Just as Bad as the Tories

The rise of Reform UK is a direct consequence of both the main legacy parties losing touch with their voters.

Video Transcription:

There’s been quite a dramatic rise in popularity of Reform UK and I was literally on on a call with Richard Tice just before I came on to you and I think what I was telling him as a debrief is that we’re pushing against an open door.

People really want change, they’re sick of the two-party system. They recognise Labour to be just as bad as the Tories and they want something different and Reform UK has all the small ‘C’ conservative policies which you know that majority and I know you were talking about it to Charlie before that, silent majority that voted for Brexit.

They’re all there, all are there. There are a lot there are people and they’re looking for something like us and as we become known I think you’re going to see our vote share rise. Frankly, I hope I’m not creating myself a hostage to fortune but, I think rise dramatically.

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The Rise of Reform UK

Reform UK are currently climbing in the polls at around 1% a month. While there will of course come a point when that increase slows or stops, it has been an impressive improvement in popularity since the by-election results in the autumn of 2023.

The growing dissent from the voting public is growing as more and more become disillusioned with their traditional political party. Reform UK are hoovering up those disillusioned voters in their thousands.

The rise of Reform UK is a symptom of the failure of the legacy parties, not the cause of their demise. If Reform UK didn’t exist then voters would stay at home with no one to vote for.

Time will tell as to how long in will take for Reform UK to reach the tipping point where they are seen as a party with enough support to win. They are well ahead of where UKIP reached 10 years ago, according to Honorary President of Reform UK, Nigel Farage.