Great Yarmouth Constituency, Rupert Lowe announced as Reform UK PPC for the general election

Great Yarmouth Constituency

Reform UK have announced the new Prospective parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Great Yarmouth Constituency. Rupert Lowe, former MEP for the Brexit Party, Reform UK candidate for Kingswood in February 2024, a constituency that will not exist beyond the 2024 general election due to electoral boundary changes.

Formerly Chairman of Southampton FC, Rupert brings a wealth of political experience having been involved in politics since 1997 when he stood as a  Referendum Party PPC.

Coastal towns like Yarmouth have been ignored and neglected by successive governments. A revived repatriated fishing industry would bring valuable income, jobs and trade back to many of our coastal communities.

Rupert Lowe

Our coastal towns have suffered from austerity, inflation, the cost of living and mass immigration more than most. It is time for Great Yarmouth to be represented in Westminster by an MP who is dedicated to improving the job prospects, the standard of living, access to services for the residents of the constituency and many more suffering similarly.

Find out more about Rupert Lowe at:

On the 10th May Rupert is holding a campaign launch meeting at Great Yarmouth Racecourse starting at 6pm. Book to attend at:

Book a ticket and go along and meet Rupert, find out more about what he intends to do to improve your life and ask him your questions. It is time for real, fundamental change in the governments priorities, time to end the ‘Britons last’ mentality that seems to have consumed Westminster.