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Who Can I Vote For?

Sometime in 2024 we will all be voting for political parties in a General Election. More likely to be later in the autumn rather than sooner, whenever it comes it’s important to know what you are voting for.

Tribalism and a lifetime of voting the same way your parents did is long gone. Today people vote on policies that they believe in and for parties and  politicians that they trust.


Tory Logo

Political Position:

Tories think they are centrist, the electorate see them as rudderless, left of centre.

The Conservative and Unionist Party have conserved very little and broken the Union with the creation of a border in the Irish Sea.

What Tories stand for

Low Tax, Fiscal Responsibility, Secure Borders and a Strong Military. Globalism, WEF, WHO, cashless society.

What they delivered

Highest taxes in 70 years, highest national debt in 70 years, open borders with mass immigration and a degraded military at a time of increasing global unrest.

Whatever the Conservatives used to be, they have lost their way. No longer the safe pair of centre right hands with a responsible attitude to the nations finances. They have a callous regard for the monumental level of wasted spend in government. There are few left who believe and trust them in office.

What they say and what they do in office are two different things. They make pronouncements but fail to follow up on anything, resulting in a failed public sector where nothing works, a civil service with the lowest productivity in history, a border force that escorts illegal immigrants into the country, a police force that kneels before criminals, the longest waiting lists in NHS history, more pot holes than we have cars and an obsession with achieving Net Zero targets that will cost more than we have and make zero difference to global temperatures.

The Tories clearly don’t have a plan to grow the ecomony, to cut the waste, to control our borders, to get the civil service back to working efficiently, to cutting the NHS waiting lists, to reform our police force so that it returns to policing our streets without fear or favour.

The Tories are pro-EU, hate the fact we voted to leave and have kept us aligned with the EU so one day we might be in a position to rejoin.


Labour logo

Political Position:

Left of Centre with a far left contingent of MPs.

Kier Starmer hasn’t got any policies, the few he has announced have been reversed, annulled, cancelled within days. Labour are not the answer to any question I can think of. Just not being the Tories is not a good enough reason to earn your vote.

What Labour stand for

Used to be the working classes, workers rights, equality and fairness. Globalism, WEF, WHO, cashless society.

What they deliver

Woke ideology, diversity, kneeling to BLM, not knowing what a woman is, pronouns. Labour will at best keep the UK aligned with the EU, at worst they will push to tie us closer to the EU with a view to rejoining in the future.

The Labour party used to be the party of the working classes. Those days are gone. They are now the party of the non-working classes. More giveaways for those who don’t work while the workers trying to get ahead will face higher taxes to pay for it.

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat logo

Political Position:

Left of Centre, globalist, Europhile.

The Liberal Democrats have lost ground recently and gone quiet since Ed Davey’s involvement in the Horizon Post office scandal came to light.

What the Lib Dems stand for

Rejoining the EU at all costs, higher taxes, longer lockdowns, inequality for Post office Sub-postmasters. Globalism, WEF, WHO, cashless society.

What they deliver

Platitudes and promises. Other than that, very little.

Green Party

Green Party

Political Position:

Left of Centre.

Since the introduction of Net Zero 2050 and the green agenda the Green Party have run out of road.

Now the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems have embraced banning fossil fuels, taxing carbon and plunging us back into the dark ages the Green Party have nowhere to go.

What the Green Party stand for

Net Zero, pro-EU.

What they deliver

Now their main policy has been stolen they have little reason for existing.

Reform UK

Reform UK logo

Political Position:

Centre Right, common sense Britons first.

The fifth national party standing & the only one offering a costed, viable alternative to the globalist status quo.

What Reform UK stand for

Embracing the opportunities of Brexit, freedom, national sovereignty, low tax, high growth, secure borders, strong military, with a costed plan to cut NHS waiting lists within 2 years. Anti globalist, anti multinational dominance, anti WEF, anti WHO, anti Net Zero.

What they deliver

Reform UK believe in personal freedom, personal choice, with a small efficient state. Reform UK are the only party in support of national sovereignty, who will rebuild a strong, healthy, vibrant ‘united’ UK outside of the EU as a friendly neighbour to our European cousins.


SNP Logo

Political Position:

Left of Centre, Nationalist, Europhiles.

The Scottish Independence party has lost ground since its scandals and issues, but still looks likely to pick up 25 of its current 50 seats in the general election. Labour look likely to pick up the 25 lost seats.

What the SNP stand for

Scottish independence. Scottish independence. Scottish independence.

What they deliver

Worse education standards, worse standards, scandal. Pro Palestine when they should be Pro-Scotland.

Workers Party of Britain

Workers Party of Britain

Political Position:

Far Left, socialism.

George Galloways Pro Palestine, Pro Islamist party. Currently with one seat, but will be standing around 60 candidates in marginal Labour seats with large Muslim populations at the general election.

What the SNP stand for

Pro Palestine, Pro Muslim far left party.

What they deliver

Nothing yet, but as a potential disruptor they may very well be successful harnessing the Muslim vote and pick up a significant volume of seats from Labour.