Personal Economy

Greedy governments and politicians like to take as much of your money because they believe they can spend your money better than you can.

With Reform UK: Your Money Is Yours

Reform UK believes that your money is yours and that taxes should be kept down to reasonable levels, not pumped up to the highest-level politicians think they can get away with!

Highest Tax Levels Ever

We are now suffering under the highest levels of personal taxation in our lifetimes. Greedy governments take more of your money than ever before.

This is bad for you, bad for the economy and bad for the country.

The economy is too complex and dynamic for any group of politicians to know what is needed, in each community, when, and at what price.

A highly productive, free enterprise economy grows best when people make their own decisions about when, and how to spend their OWN MONEY. 

The more the government takes, the more damage it does to the economy. 

We have the highest taxes and NO GROWTH

  • Higher tax rates cause economic stagnation. 
  • Lower tax rates cause economic growth.

Reform Personal Economy 

Reform UK will help you and your family’s finances by lowering tax rates and making work pay. 

Your money is yours first and the government’s second.

Specific Measures 

Here is how Reform UK will help you and your family’s finances: 

  • We Make Work Pay: 

We lift the income tax starting point to £20,000 per year. This change will save average worker approximately £1,500 per year. And most importantly, it will break the poverty trap by making work pay. Basic tax rates stay at 20%, and higher rates would begin at £70,000.

  • Cut Energy Tax: 

The government’s net-zero policies have pushed up the cost of energy, which makes everything more expensive. Reform UK will scrap VAT on energy bills, lower fuel duty by 20p per litre, and would scrap the “environmental levy,” which does nothing for the environment but destroys people’s standard of living.

  • Cut Residential Stamp Duty: 

For houses below £750,000, Reform UK will cut stamp duty to 0%. This will allow many more people to afford their own home and will stimulate housebuilding and house selling, which will benefit the nation as a whole. 

  • Inheritance tax

For Estates Under £2 Million, Abolish Inheritance Tax: Almost all people will benefit when Reform UK abolishes inheritance tax for estates under £2 million. We believe that your estate should go to your family, not to the politicians!

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Reform UK Will Help Your Family’s Finances 

Reform UK is on your side, and we believe you should keep your money. These measures will allow you to keep the money you earn and to spend it on things for you and your family.

Stimulate the Economy

These measures will also stimulate the economy by making work pay. They will incentivise people to become more productive and thus grow the economy for the benefit of everyone.

Freedom to Choose 

If you believe that you should keep your cash and have the freedom to choose how you spend it, as opposed to having the government make spending decisions for you, then vote for Reform UK.

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