What is British Culture?

Define what it means to be British? What is British culture? Some of us see our culture as being under threat, but, just what does that mean?

What is Britishness? What do we stand for? The way I see it, in an overarching sense, British Culture is a “Shared behaviour passed down through the generations”.

There has long been an argument that Britain is a melting pot of mixed cultures & races. We have at times in the past been invaded, by the Romans, Vikings, Normans. Even the Spanish had a go 500 years ago! Those invasions did each impact our Anglo Saxon heritage, but at heart, much like most nations we have a majority population decended from native britons.

Before 1900 Briton had less than 10,000 Black people. Immigration has been a modern phenomena. Essentially scaled up following the second world war with the Windrush generation when the country faced a labour shortfall. We invited immigration to help get our country and economy back onto its feet.

Since then, immigration has continued, scaled further, to the point where the ratio of native Britons to immigrants of many nationalities is creating separate communities, not a united society, a divided one.

What is British Culture?

I see being British as having a sense of fail play, of queuing (except in a pub – but everyone knows the rules in pubs so its OK), of village fetes, the boat race, a ploughmans in a village pub, open fires, spotted dick and custard, pork pies, cornish pasties, the Bedfordshire Clanger, Trooping of the Colour, Bob-a-Job week, Morris Men, the institution of the Royal Family.

The first verse of the National Anthem but not the rest of it (we don’t need it), we are a Christian country without the need to attend church. Most of us know the lords prayer and recite it at weddings, christenings and funerals. We accept most rules and laws without complaint until they become onerous.

We are the land of roast beef dinners, mugs of tea, pints of beer, of dog owners, sand castles on a cold British beach, candifloss, fish and chips. Of football, rugby, cricket. Of tennis, lawn bowls, darts in the pub, of clotted cream teas, (‘scone’ or ‘scon’?).

Britain is a country of fairness, of equality, of justice and fairplay. We have long been a land of opportunity, where anyone who worked hard could achieve, could thrive, could prosper.

A land of shoppers, of queuers, of patience, of tolerance, of compassion and fair play.

What is Changing?

In the main we are an incredibly tolerant and accepting nation. We endure a lot before we complain. But the country is changing, and it is changing very quickly.

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In the last 20 years we have seen immigration increase our population by 12 million people from 58 to 70 million people. While we could all pay our bills, feed our families, enjoy our holidays, put fuel in our cars and heating our homes. We could visit a dentist, get an appointment with a GP, find a house to rent or buy at an affordable price, drive without sitting in queues or getting a puncture in potholes.

When we used to pay our council a reasonable amount of money in exchange for which they emptied our bins, lit our streets, staffed our care homes, provided adequate education for our children and filled our potholes, but times have changed.

Many people now struggle to feed their families, to pay their mortgages, to heat their homes, to clothe their children. They can’t get a GP appointment, or get the operation they need, or can afford to fill their car with fuel to get to the job that no longer pays them enough to live on.

Far from filling the 1 million job vacancies with mass immigration, we still have those 1 million vacancies, but we have 12 million more people wanting to use our overstretched public services. These same people will get old, get ill and need healthcare and pensions. Our system is broken and a larger population has only served to highlight how broken it is.

Pension Ponzi Scheme

At the root of all of Britains problems is our state pension Ponzi scheme. Established by the Labour party, it set in stone the need for an ever growing population. (It assumed that the growing population would be a working population, it isn’t).

Year on year since the early 1990’s our welfare bill has risen every year. Regardless of unemployment going down, welfare just increased.

The need for more young, working people to pay for the pensions of the retired is the fundamental flaw in our economy on which everything else fails.”

Until we reform our state pension so that contributions go into a ringfenced investment fund for each person, we will never resolve the problem.

We are told that we need many more teachers and will have to use migrants, but on the other hand we are told we are not having any children. So what do we need all the teachers for?

We have a welfare culture, 6 million people receive top up support from welfare to compensate for the fact that their jobs don’t pay them enough to live on. That never happened before we had a minimum wage. We introduce a minimum wage and then need to top up peoples wages. It makes no sense?

Being British

We are not a nation of protestors. Not a nation of intimidating MPs into decision making. We used to be a nation of peaceful protests, not violent intimidation, of fear, death threats, fire bombings and murder.

Yes, we had poll tax riots and miners strikes but that was as serious as public unrest has ever become. We are peaceful until we sense a grave injustice and then we object in the strongest terms.

No Go Zones in the UK

Are there no go zones in the UK? Or areas where you don’t feel safe? Official, unofficial or just implied, some areas of the UK exist where native Britons don’t feel safe, don’t feel welcome. They may well be perfectly sae to be in, but they often don’t feel safe, and that is ultimately what matters.

Tell me with a straight face that any of our 270,000 Jewish community can go anywhere they want in the UK, free to wear the star of David, or their kippah?

Explain to me how the Batley school teacher who had to go into hiding and is still in hiding 3 years later doesn’t have no go zones in the UK today?

British Fairplay

We are a nation of fairplay, we expect fairness. Currently, million of people who are struggling to pay their bills, living on increasing debt can see our government wasting many £billions of our onerous taxes on causes that are making us poorer. Allegedly David Milliband is paid over £500,000 per year by a refugee charity that is funded via the UK Foreign Aid budget.

We want lower taxes, affordable, accessible services. We have homeless veterans on our streets, but continue to import and house illegal immigrants at a cost of £ billions.

People are fed up with the Britons last culture that has been embraced by our left of centre Conservative government. They are conserving nothing.


We are often accused by the far left of being a racist country. That is far from accurate. If we were racist then curry would not be the most popular meal in the UK. Were we racist then every village shop owned and managed by immigrants would go out of business. If we were racist then millions of people would not want to come to live here. One of the biggest draws to the UK apart from our liberal handing out of welfare is our tolerance, but it seems to me that, that tolerance is being tested to the limit.

British Culture is being diluted.

The most popular boys name is Mohammed, 30 years ago it was James, Thomas or William. Our native population is not breeding at sufficient rates to feed our dumb Ponzi pension scheme. The predication that we mush have a growing population is doomed to fail. It can’t continue forever, so why not redesign our economy now, in preparation for a sustainable economic future?

Sectarianism in the UK

While we native British still vote in line with our political views and opinions, we are beginning to witness sectarian voting in the UK as we saw in Rochdale. An organised single minded minority will always outperform a disorganised, disunited majority.

We have towns and cities that are majority non white British, we have a Prime Minister (and cabinet members), Mayor of London and many others who are non white British in leadership roles across the UK. To many native Britons it looks like they are being diluted, replaced, usurped.

Our different communities in the UK live in segregated communities, which in turn creates the sense of no go zones. There is no integration to speak of, no assimilation into being British. Our government seem to want to perpetuate this division. £1 million in the recent budget for a Muslim memorial for war veterans. We already have memorials for all war veterans, why are they choosing to segregate with a separate memorial for one group? If a memorial was proposed for White Native British war veterans how would that go down?

Many people are asking where is the memorial to Lee Rigby? Or the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing? Or for the 1400+ Grooming gang victims from Rotherham, Rochdale and elsewhere?

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The Countryside is Racist

Apparently the countryside is racist, that was a recent headline in the Mail and others. I would suggest that the countryside is a much more welcoming space to everyone from any race, especially when compared to being a white Briton driving past a Mosque at kicking out time, especially at night. Having done just that after taking a wrong turning in the middle of Luton it was an uncomfortable experience, being pointed at, stared at and talked about.

I do not expect that to happen anywhere in Britain. That isn’t inclusive, it was intimidating, concerning behaviour and I will not be driving down that road again, so yes, for me it is a no go zone in the UK.

Many British towns are today, unrecognisable compared with just a few decades ago. It doesn’t look like we are creating a multicultural society, all pulling in the same direction, all unified under the banner of Britishness. Many of us have different values, different cultures, a different idea about how to conduct ourselves.

America v Britain

In America everyone declares an allegiance to the flag. They have nothing else to believe in, so they rally around the stars and stripes. We never required an oath of allegiance but it is starting to look like a good idea.

We are not creating a multicultural society, instead, we’re creating many micro societies all with different cultures. As we have seen recently with the Israel, Gaza conflict, that conflict came straight to British streets as our different separate communities took sides.

It has demonstrated that many in our migrant communities have primary allegiancies outside of the UK. They don’t see themselves as primarily British, but relate and align more closely with the nation they or their parents or ancestors came from.

Traditional British Values

The importation of alien cultures does not sit well with many Britons. We like the old Britain, the traditional values, the cohesive society that we grew up in. Many yearn for it to come back. We miss it.

Britishness is pushing back against those who want to import sharia law to Britain. It’s defending our non religious, religious views, is defending our freedom of speech, is defending our freedoms fullstop.

We, the silent majority do not want the new Britain that some have in mind for us. If you are here, knuckle down, work hard, pay your taxes and fit in. It is not, as many of our authorities seem to believe, racist not to pander to your desire to import your cultural norms into Britain. We have freedoms that don’t exist in Muslim countries, liberal freedoms to live as we want to.

If we continue on the current path then our culture will change. When Britons are the minority in the UK, which at the current rate is set to be sometime in the 2050’s, do you really think that once in positions of power we will not see Muslim laws, rules and culture implemented. Do you really believe it will still be a free country where the LGBGT community will be free to live as they do today?

British Liberal Freedoms

Homosexuality is outlawed in Muslim countries, I find it ironic when the “LGBGT for Palestine” community fight in the UK for the rights of those that will never reciprocate. Some suspect that, assuming the ratio of Muslims in the UK continues to grow at the current rate, that the human rights of the LGBGT community will be one of the first to be curtailed. I feel certain that the LGBGT protestors in the UK are seen by Islamists as useful idiots and little more.

In Britain we have equality for all, across the sexes. Fairness for all is at the heart of our culture, of Britishness. In Islam, women are not equal. In the UK, within Muslim communities, women are not treated equally. Our differing cultures, as they stand today do not mix, will not mix. I fear for our future in just 25 years time.