Simon Danczuk and Coco facing death threats in Rochdale

Death Threats

When a prospective parliamentary candidate is threatened, receives death threats, it no only impacts on that candidate and their family of course, but is an attack on every single one of us.

Our British society works because of the rule of law, democracy, freedom of speech and liberty.

When any MP, PPC, or political candidate faces this level of intimidation we are all in trouble. Politicians need protection, not just to protect them, but to protect our process, our democracy.

Simon Danczuks wife has stopped campaigning with her husband because of the fear and intimidation from a hateful video published online a few days ago.

Thankfully the cretin who published it has been arrested and may we collectively hope that he will be prosecuted and off our streets.

Politics is Decending into Farce

Political Protests have long been a part of our countries history. However, protest marches have moved on in recent times, from peaceful, if often inconvenient mass marches through our cities and towns, to intimidation protests.

As a nation we have been too tolerant of political extremism in the UK. Factions have grown in strength and voice. Our police have sttod by which on our streets baying mobs are free to chant “from the river to the sea”…. which is a chant calling for the destruction of Israel and the death of Jews. This has been followed by the projection onto the Houses of Parliament of the same chant.

Some useful idiots in the press have attempted to rebrand the chant as a harmless but it is harmful, you know it, I know it, the Jews know it and those chanting it know it.

Mass protests have grown in confidence. If they aren’t confronted and can carry on with impunity, why would the stop?

MPs were afraid to vote against the baying mob protesting outside parliament. That is not democracy. The MPs have brought this sequence of events upon themselves. They appeased the mob, encouraged the mob, courted the vote of the mob. Now the mob is turning, demanding compliance and our MPs are too weak to do what they should have done in the first place and stand up to intimidation.

MP Security

MPs award themselves protection to the tune of £31 million. It wasn’t that long ago when they issued an instruction to women being intimidated on our streets by gangs to “flag down a bus”. That is the level of security that parliament are happy for you to have. Outside of our major cities there are no buses.

Many Britons have been trying to tell our MPs where we were heading because of their appeasement of intolerance. They didn’t listen. Now the mob are forcing them to listen and some at least are slowly waking up to the consequences of their intransigence.

Violence and Threats are the symptom of our lack of robust policing, of enforcing the laws that already exist. It began when police officers knelt before a protest crowd, it began when protesters were permitted to climb all over the Cenotaph unchallenged.

These protests are organised, structured, they don’t just happen. There have been many useful idiots from across the divide coming out in support, emboldening the protestors.

The power is with the protestors, with the mobs. They are winning because they are not meeting resistance.

MPs like Mike Freer have had their offices firebombed for holdig opinions that don’t align with the mob. MPs such as Tobias Ellwood have had mobs protesting outside their homes for similar thought crimes. The crime in question is defending Jews, not being antisemitic.

After the second world war we gave sanctuary to Jews following the atrocities that happened during the holocaust. Just 70 years later the decendants of those Jews are once again being persecuted but this time on the streets of Britain.

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Islamist Threats

A minority of highly vocal Islamists are stirring up racial hatred on Britains streets. Using intimidation to force their views onto our MPs. It cannot be allowed to continue.

Some of the Labour MPs who were too afraid of the Islamist mob on Parliament Square to vote just a week ago are gas lighting us, claiming it is far right gangs that are the threat.

We were once a free and tolerant society with a live and let live ethos. This ethos has led to the import of an intolerant minority who do not share our values.

It is sadly not unusual for politicians to face harassment, intimidation and to live in fear. It has been normalised. In must be unnormalised once again.

Our democracy is clear. If you don’t like the policies being espoused, you stand against them, win the election and implement your policies. You fight at the ballot box, not on the streets.

The atmosphere of fear and intimidation is unacceptable, it must be ended now.

We wish Simon and Coco well for the election, they deserve to do well. The people of Rochdale deserve an MP who has the character and the courage to stand up for them in the face of death threats. Simon Danzuk is that man.