World War III

When all else fails they take you to war, so said US trends forecaster Gerald Celente this week and not for the first time. Celente describes himself as a political atheist and I’ve taken that for my own as well as his line about War.

I used to say I was politically homeless but to be homeless implies a desire for a home somewhere, but I will never look to politics or politicians for a home of any sort, not now and perhaps never again. An atheist says there’s no God and a political atheist knows politics is the mother of all confidence tricks.

When it comes to politics there’s nothing there, Celente was a guest this week of George Galloway MP on his online ‘mother of all talk shows’ Galloway talked about the ‘Whore’s Den’ that is the Palace of Westminster, recently returned to the mother of all dung Hills as MP for Rochdale he must hold his nose whenever he stands to speak and so breathe the fatted air of the Chamber of the Commons.

He endeavoured to have his colleagues contemplate World War III already well underway. We’re not supposed to have noticed World War III is up and running. Generations remembering what they’ve been invited to know of World War II the stuff of movies now think it will only be a real war when the bombs fall onto cities, when the young men are marched away but make no mistake.

I say World War III is already here, the difference is that since the nuclear option is among us the war mongers who have no intention of getting their windows broken or their limousines scratched, far less seeing a threat to their vast wealth are carefully waging World War III in ways they think the little people won’t notice.

Bankers Running the Show

For the time being the war mongers in the UK Parliament and in the broader establishment seek to reap the rewards of all the hate sown via bought and paid for media, via bought and paid for elected representatives, for those people and regimes we been goaded into viewing with nothing but loathing right now. Courtesy in no small part of our unelected foreign secretary David Cameron and our unelected PM Rishi Sunak, Israel and Iran are at dagger’s drawn, Israel bombed the Iranian Consulate in Damascus and so Iran retaliated having first informed Israel and the White House of their intention to do so.

British and US Jets took part in the defence of Israel helping to prop up the US made Iron Dome that protects that Nation even so and despite the world’s media insisting the Iranian attack had been thwarted, most of its ballistic missiles struck Israel’s Nevatim Air Base one of the most determinedly defended spaces on the planet with the consent and support of the British and US governments.

Israel vowed to strike back there have already been reports of Israeli retaliation as George Galloway pointed out this week Israel is a nation with 3 million fighting age people compared to Iran’s 40 million, hundreds of nuclear weapons are in the offing, Israel has the full throated support of Britain and the United States. Iran has the support of China and Russia bristling with nuclear weapons.

Israel has long maintained the Samson option, a biblical vow to unleash nuclear war if and when the nation is in danger of being overrun. Samson for the atheists out there was the Old Testament Israelite who brought the temple down upon his sorry head and upon the heads of his Philistine tormentors when all was lost, mutually assured destruction if you will fires of War stoked in the Middle East biblical intent buy in from the most bellicose nations on earth and all the superpowers more than enough nuclear weapons in theory at least to kill every last one of us on the planet.

When All Else Fails Let’s Go To War

All of it being provoked and egged on by political pygmies and psychopaths, what could possibly go wrong? So I say again repeating Gerald Celente’s words; war is where they take you when all else fails and all else is indeed failing for those psychopaths. The inevitable evolution of the parasite class we have stood by and enabled, they’ve utterly exposed themselves and their intentions in recent years what with the so-called scamdemic and their money laundering proxy war in Ukraine and the ever-present nonsense of what I like to call a climate hoax, even sacrificing the well-being of children on the altar of gender identity.

A warped ideology exposed for what it is in recent days wasn’t enough to satisfy whatever gods they worship and so War it is, World War III which has hardly touched us in the west so far, other than in our pockets and wallets of course. But there’s time yet, they didn’t mean to let us see them but by hubris and the pursuit of obscene wealth and total control that seemed within their grasp this generation of psychopaths and parasites push their luck too far.

Tragically there’s nothing new in any of it, the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed in the 1930s was the work of an earlier generation of bankers. I said Bankers, who bought from supine politicians the power to make money out of thin air in 1930s America, there was no shortage of goods and services, industrial capacity, Rich Farmland, millions of workers keen to work, all the technology of the day, government structures with enviable capacity to get done whatever it wanted done.

1930’s America had known no invasion by a foreign aggressor, no disease had weakened the people, there was no shortage of food, 1930s America lacked one thing and one thing only and that was ready cash to get on with the stuff of busy lives. But, in 1930s America as in the rest of the world now the flow of money was controlled by one entity and one entity only, a cartel of Bankers.

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Bankers Created the Great Depression

Bankers who for their own reasons turned off the money supply, all those businesses still had loans to service though, jobs waited to be done, the same goods and services were available but when the banks in the form of the so-called Federal Reserve which is not Federal in any way, but a private company run by and for Bankers for profit and only profit and that holds no reserves.

When the bankers turned off the money supply the US came to a juddering halt as was their intentions the so-called Great Depression was made by Bankers for their own ends, all those farms and homes and businesses suddenly rendered unable to function or to service their loans were repossessed by the bankers.

Everyone was told times were hard, we’re all in this together but the only thing the bankers were in was baths full of profit come World War II and all at once banks that had spent a decade claiming they had no money found uncountable billions of dollars overnight to pay for bombs and bullets and the ships tanks and planes to fire them.

In the Commons this week they laughed nervously perhaps at George Galloway, an actual thinking man of conscience among empty-headed nobodies those political pygmies being the vast majority of our elected and unelected sock puppets. It was shaming to watch the spectacle as hollow non-entities preferred to talk about Liz Truss’s Memoirs and Angela Raynor’s council house than to address what Galloway wanted to discuss being bloody war set to envelop the world.

Much that bamboozles me now is why we keep interviewing those wastes of space we call MPs, so-called reporters still asking them questions straight-faced when their time might be better spent asking fleas about the decisions likely to be taken by the horse, they’re sucking blood from, they won’t talk about war at least not until they’ve been handed the latest script from whoever tells them what to say.

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Political Pygmies

Dennis Healey a ghost from a bygone age said MPs needed a hinterland by which he meant they had to have more going on in their lives than just being in Parliament like peacocks but with smaller brains than peacocks. Part of our tragedy now is that the House of Commons is, with a handful of exceptions filled with people who know nothing about anything and care less.

That’s true not just here in the UK but of politicians across the West. I say those characters or rather those creatures devoid of character are bought and paid for serving only the transnational corporations, the non-governmental organizations of the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization and what have you.

The bankers who call the shots, I say international terrorism as we’ve been taught to fear it and the war on terror is a mirage, a straw man, I say terrorism is waged on us not by foreign insurgents but on the contrary by those we the collective West have accepted as Leaders. Those for whom public fear of terror works wonders at the ballot box and when it comes to winning approval for Wars overseas Wars of profit and regime change.

It’s plausible there’s been genocide in Gaza, the international court of justice said. It also seems to me just as it has been revealed to many in recent months that the decision makers of the West have no ethical moral problem with genocide as policy.

Fear Sells

I say they don’t object to genocide per se, despite what some of us learned at school about the horrors of the 20th century I say it boils down to whether the genocide is happening to people they think worth saving or those they believe don’t matter. Here we are at War again where they take you when all else fails.

Maybe by accident rather than by design the nuclear birds will someday take wing, but I say again it seems unlikely to me that those feckless greedy ghouls in power in the banks and elsewhere truly mean to face Armageddon. Far from it, that would take backbone and will, both of which most are profoundly lacking.

Fear is what they always sell us and fear is what they’re selling us now and while fear is in the air rather than missiles headed for London and Washington those Bankers can get about the business of reaping the reward of financial and economic collapse that might destroy us but that will enrich and empower them as it always does.

As likely as not it won’t be mushroom clouds we have to contemplate but programmable CBDC’s and shackling digital IDs to go along with them, here’s the thing French philosopher and writer Joseph de Maistre said every nation has the government it deserves if that’s true and we truly deserve that which we have, then God forgive us and God help us.