Belinda De Lucy

I was a member of the conservative party for 20 years, until it turned into a sneering, snobby EU submitting, open borders, high tax, forced to deliver Brexit, allowing the public sector be to be taken over by wokeism.

I am not rewarding failure in fact anyone that does keep rewarding failure cannot complain if the next conservative government comes in they absolutely con the British people with crumbs of slightly conservative policies only to go back on 99% of them once in power.

They do not own your vote. I believe in in Democratic choice and what the Tories want to do is not persuade people with their own arguments, they want to threaten and scare people. “Oh, vote for us or Labour will get in” the Tories are a version of Labour, there’s very little difference between the two of them.

We need to reset politics and put British people and British interests first which none of the main parties do and Reform UK does.

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