The Welfare State v Open Border Immigration

Our welfare state was not designed for the world we have been forced to live in today. We have a National Health Service that is being treated like an International Health Service.

We have a situation where our public services are being used on a massive scale by millions of people who have not contributed towards them. That is not a condition of the social contract that tax payers agreed to, hence the high level of discontent amongst the public.

Our welfare state has always struggled to deliver a minimum level of service, even 20 years ago, when the population was 12 million smaller than it is today. The burden on taxpayers has always been onerous, but today, with our open border policy that was brought in by Tony Blairs Labour party and has been actively encouraged by the Tories since 2010, the cost of welfare is spiralling out of control.

Their plan was simple; more people mean a larger economy and more money for all, but that isn’t what has happened. Instead of that somewhat misguided pipedream, a different reality has come to pass.

The dream we were sold as the public was that we would be importing all of those essential skills that we are lacking as a country; doctors, nurses, scientists, etc. While we have indeed imported some of them, which introduces all sorts of moral dilemmas in the process; why do we think it is ok to deprive developing nations of their highly trained people instead of training our own?

We Don’t Train People Who Want To Do The Jobs We Need Filling

Before anyone says; ‘but Brits don’t want to do those jobs’, I would say, that is untrue. In 2022 we accepted 7,500 doctors onto our doctor training programme. Limited by the BMA (a socialist health union), out of a total of 38,000 applications. We could be training Brits to be our doctors if the BMA got out of the way and allowed us to do so.

So, we import Doctors from developing nations, who bring their families with them, often extended families, who guess what, use our public services, they get old, they get ill. In many cases those dependents don’t work. But they do use GPs, dentists, hospitals and schools. In some cases they require translation services in order to do so, driving the cost of service provision up further.

In many cases we are exacerbating the issue rather than solving it.

If the economy, or state pension, or health care, or welfare system doesn’t work when you have a population of 56 million, who in their right mind would think the solution is a larger population, that our services will suddenly function at an acceptable level with more people requiring access?. A larger population just increases the problem.

Our entire economy is hung on the failure of our state pension. Until we redress the significant issues with retirement and how we fund it, we will not be able to balance the economy and afford to fund retirement.

State Pension Reform is Needed

Imagine if we invested each person’s NI pension contributions instead of a teenage workers NI contribution paying Great Aunty Carole’s monthly state pension. Your pension would pay you around three times more than the current state pension.

The major challenge obviously is how we get from where we are today to a new investment fund pension model. We would have to fund the 40-year gap in funding shortfall for existing pensioners which clearly needs consideration.

But, back to our open borders and welfare and free healthcare free-for-all.

If anyone can come to the UK and plug into the gravy train as they seem to be able to do at present, we are never going to resolve the problems we face. Your queue for a GP will not get shorter, your scan for potential cancer will not happen faster, your toothache will not be treated promptly.

Defenders of asylum seekers say that they only get a few pounds a week each to live on, so if that is true, how come they each cost us £50k per year? Their combined ‘package’ vastly exceeds the package for the unemployed or on Universal Credit.

Additionally, asylum seekers somehow manage to jump the queue for GPs, dentists, housing, education, leaving the people who have paid into the system feeling angry and rightfully so.

We Have Opened Up ‘Free at the Point of Use’ State Services to the World

The current ‘open your doors and give everyone who turns up whatever they want’ philosophy has to end but it will not end with the current government in charge. I am dumbfounded that they have not taken robust steps to control our borders.

Ending the doom spiral of economic failure will require leadership. We haven’t any leaders in Westminster for many years because while we were in the EU they were not required and none have emerged since.

That is the main hurdle we need to overcome to be able to seize on the opportunities of Brexit, we need better leaders in power who are prepared to make the big decisions.

Currently we have middle managers who don’t want to embrace Brexit doing what they can to stay aligned with the EU in the wistful hope that one day they may successfully shackle us back to the failing EU socialist experiment.

We need as a matter of urgency to control our borders. We could barely afford to fund adequate services for all the tax payers here 20 years ago, today with a much larger population and proportionately less tax payers we are bankrupting ourselves on the altar of globalist altruism.

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Who is Leading the Strategy of Terminal national Decline in the UK?

I cannot for the life of me see why those in power have done this and are continuing to do this to us. The push for a nationless, multicultural, globalism is destroying successful western economies, levelling down. They, whoever the hell ‘they’ are, will not be happy until we are all poor, unemployed and need to rely upon the state to survive.

I may be over stating ‘their’ aims, but it looks like that is the ultimate end point, it is certainly where we are heading.

Why would governments trial Universal Basic Income if they don’t intend to implement it on a larger scale at some point?

We are in deep trouble if we don’t stand up against this economic insanity, this act of self-destruction.

The climate has taken over from Covid in the minds of those who wish to implement this economic destruction. They need a perpetual crisis to protect the public from so they can implement the radical change then want to see.

I for one will fight with every ounce of strength I possess to resist the destruction of the country I love. Globalism is only a good thing if it brings benefits. Benefits for ordinary people, but that isn’t happening. We have witnessed the greatest redistribution of wealth in history.

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The Largest Transfer of Wealth in Human History

Today we have more billionaires and more food banks than ever before. Millions struggle to pay their bills as the quest for renewable energy has trebled our energy costs. We have the largest offshore wind farm in the world in the UK and the highest energy prices too. By comparison, the US fracked for gas, has the lowest energy costs, exports energy and has a growing economy as a result.

Being self-sufficient in energy, cheap energy is essential for a vibrant economy to grow. We are dependent on importing energy leaving us over exposed to price rises and shortages.

Renewables require a fossil fuel backup to balance the intermittent nature of renewable generation. So we pay renewable companies subsidies to generate this ‘free energy’, we pay them subsidies when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine so they stay in business and we also pay for fossil fuel capacity to fill in the many gaps in unreliable renewable provision.

If you are better off in the UK today than you were four or five years ago then you are probably an asylum seeker.