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Sensational poll result that has Reform UK overtaking the conservatives when it comes to leave voters. Reform UK now the most popular party when it comes to Brexit voters and of course if you subscribe to my newsletter at I’ll put link down below. You would have seen that already I wrote about this earlier today but of course it’s quite the turnaround from 2019.

I think it shows you the extent to which the Tories have declined their support has collapsed since the last general election. Who can really blame voters especially when you look at stopping the boats. You see 500 plus people yesterday crossing, the highest daily total so far this year and by the way it’s higher at this year in terms of numbers, in terms of these crossings from France to England than last year.

But of course, don’t worry because Rishi Sunak talked about his so-called emergency legislation all the way back in November.

After the Lords intervened on this again it now appears nothing’s going to happen on this until after Easter. You had one Conservative MP backbencher there quoted by the Telegraph, saying the PM called this emergency legislation almost four months ago. If this is what emergency legislation looks like I’d hate to think what business as usual is and saying if the government was serious, it would keep the Lords up through the night and do continuous round upon round of ping pong.

Illegal Immigration National Emergency?

Going slow is a disgrace when the situation in the channel is so bad. Maybe those in government realize that actually even if this bill goes through it isn’t going to be strong enough as the likes of Robert Jenrick, as the likes of Suella Braverman have both already pointed out.

So, Rishi Sunak is leading the conservatives now to a point where they’re down to 19% with YouGov, Labour on 44% and Reform UK breaking their record high support once again on 15%. But as ever when you dig into these figures what you see is really quite interesting firstly amongst leave voters now, amongst Brexit voters Reform UK have overtaken the conservatives 33% to 32%.

Amongst Conservative voters from the last election the Tories down to 46%, a third of Tory voters from 2019 now backing Reform.

Amongst working class voters Reform UK have actually overtaken the conservatives 23% to 9% with Labour leading on 39%.

Reform UK Ahead of Tories with Brexiteers & 65+

In England you see Reform UK are actually just two points behind the Tories in England now amongst voters aged 65 plus. Older voters Reform UK now second on 26% with Labour in third on 23% and the Conservatives leading by six points but the Conservatives of course secured that majority in 2019 because Brexiteers went out and voted for them.

You had the Brexit party standing down candidates and in return you’ve seen a refusal to stop the boats, to leave the ECR and the decision by the government for higher taxes and indeed record high legal net migration.

This is the outcome let me know if that surprises you or not? Who you currently intending to vote for of course? I will keep bringing you all the latest on this and more so please do give this video a quick thumbs up and of course as ever cheers for watching

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