Reform UKs Enterprise Growth Economy – The Wealth of Nations 

Currently, the economy is flat-lining because government policies have wrecked the conditions for economic growth. 

Too much tax, too much regulation, too much political  interference, too much mirroring the EU regulations.

Energy prices are too high (due to net zero ideology). 

Transport infrastructure is congested and broken. 

Business confidence is low, and all of this is due to flawed government policy over many years. 

It has left the British economy in tatters, and urgent Reform is needed.

Free Enterprise Growth Economy 

Reform UK will transform the UK economy by releasing the creative and productive genius of the British people. 

Governments do not make people rich; People make governments rich!

If we get the government out of the way and lets business thrive, then we all win.

Here is how Reform UK will transform the UK economy for good:

1. Support small, medium-sized businesses 

SMEs are 95% of all UK businesses. 

They employ the most people, pay the most taxes, and offer the greatest potential for economic growth.

So Reform UK will create “small enterprise zones” and will encourage the growth of 1 million new small and medium-sized businesses over the next few years.

This is how we will grow the economy and provide for full employment.

2. Free 1.2 million SMEs from corporation tax.

The early years for any small business are the most dangerous.

So Reform UK will maximise their chances of success by lifting millions of small and medium-sized businesses from the burden of corporation tax.

We will lift the minimum profit threshold to £100K and reduce the corporation tax rate from 25% to 20%.

This will result in businesses having more money to invest in their own growth, which will in turn, grow the economy and create more wealth unemployment.

3. Simplify the planning system. 

We will fast track new housing on Brownfield sites, which will boost building, especially in the north, and in coastal regeneration areas. 

Let’s build our way to prosperity.

4. Reform the tax system. 

All businesses know that the tax system is a nightmare. At over 21,000 pages, the UK tax code is a minefield. 

By contrast, the Hong Kong tax code is under 500 pages. 

Let us simplify our tax system and make it more efficient.

5. Deliver on Brexit Benefits

The Conservative government castrated Brexit, and we are getting very few of the benefits of leaving the EU because we are still mirroring EU legislation.

Reform UK scraps thousands of laws that are holding British business back and damaging our productivity.

Currently UK/EU employment laws make it more costly to hire people, and when hiring people is more expensive, fewer people are hired.

6. Wealth-generating economy

Before we can have brilliant public services, we must have a brilliant economy.

Currently, our economy is flat-lining, and that’s why the NHS, education, defence, and other public services are failing to cope.

A Free enterprise, high productivity, low tax, low regulation economy is our path to prosperity.

If you agree with this, vote for Reform UK.

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