Border Control is an Illusion

Welcome to this week’s version of Britain’s favourite Sunday sermon. Now just cast your mind back, how long have we been talking about border control and the great Rwanda scheme that would be a deterrent to people coming across the English Channel? Is it one year? 18 months? Two years?

Time flies it’s hard to know. It’s about two years that the government has been saying this will be the answer to all their prayers. It will stop it, will act as a great deterrent so what’s actually happened here? Well, we’ve sent Rwanda give or take about £300 million the only actual human beings we’ve sent to Rwanda is three home secretaries and some SPADs, advisors and journalists. Not a single illegal migrant Asylum Seeker has gone to Rwanda and now they’re playing this great game in the houses of Parliament called ping pong.

You’ve heard of ping pong? You might have played it in the pub, table tennis to other people but no in parliamentary terms it means that they’re moving this this bill from the House of Commons to the House of Lords, back to the House of Commons, back to the House of Lords.

I mean the whole thing is extraordinary and the Lords have rejected the Amendments from the House of Commons who rejected the Amendments from the House of Lords. You just can’t keep up with it, drives you nuts. The whole thing is a complete and utter waste of time, why?

The Rwanda Deterrent – Border Control?

Well because how can it be a deterrent if people are still coming across the English Channel? How can it be a deterrent if people are still prepared sadly to take that risk and yes tragically about 10 people have lost their lives this year already and its only mid-march for heaven’s sake.

Late March, 10 have already lost their lives trying to cross the English Channel now I mean this is clearly not a deterrent and the end of last year the Home Secretary said yes but crossings in 2023 are some 36% down on 2022 so the deterrent is there it’s working. Their plan is working to stop the boats.

Well, here we are 10, 11, 12 weeks later, March 2024 and already this year some 4,300 have crossed the English Channel. It’s well above the same the same period this time last year, well above and in the last two days it looks like about 900+ have crossed in just two days.

900+ the very same week that our parliamentary minnows are debating the latest twist to the latest Bill supposedly to become an Act. It’s like the people Smugglers are literally rubbing our noses in it.

Here you are here’s a few hundred more whilst you’re debating this great deterrent. The whole thing is completely and utterly absurd it’s a waste of parliamentary time, of journalistic effort, of readers effort, reading this stuff, of viewers effort, watching this stuff, the whole thing is an absolute farce.

£300 Million to Rwanda – for what?

It’s not a single jot of a deterrent if anything it might even be acting as more of a magnet where the people smugglers say quick get on with it, get in before they do this new Act. Honestly, how could anybody seriously have thought that this would be a deterrent?

But don’t worry, no it’s fine, the President of Rwanda has said Well thanks for sending me the cash. If you are going to send a plane load over we then might need a bit of a pause folks, yes how long’s a pause? Well, it might be two or three months, two or three months after one plane load of a deterrent that’s trying to stop tens of thousands coming across the channel.

I mean you literally bury your head in sand at the stupidity of the whole thing. Maybe the President of Rwanda has just completely and utterly legged us over, shafted us, utterly ripped us off? He just banked the cash. He might take a few if we can get round to it but otherwise thanks very much folks, we then need a pause. We haven’t quite built enough accommodation that you’ve already paid us for and a lot more besides.

I mean I’m just actually genuinely speechless and I think I speak on behalf of millions and millions of British people who just cannot believe the inane stupidity of these muppets in Westminster who genuinely think that this is going to have any effect whatsoever on border control, zip, zero, nil.

Man Stabbed in Channel Migrant Boat

It’s just not going to make any difference whatsoever. I’m sick of it, I think you’re sick of it, I think the country’s sick of it and the truth is it’s actually dangerous yes, it appears this week that someone bought a knife over in one of those boats and had stabbed someone else before they even got to the United Kingdom.

So they’re now coming here with violent weapons to carry out violent acts and we’re told by the Lefty lovies that these are all absolutely nice people, just genuinely seeking Asylum, there’s no wrong in there whatsoever.

Well, there is the proof if ever you wanted it. I’m afraid to say there are some serious wrong un’s coming across the channel. They don’t wish us well it’s quite clear some of them actively just want to cause trouble. They want to act in criminality and if necessary, use violent means to do so.

Our lack of border control is without question a national security threat, we’re entitled to call it such under the UN 51 convention, but the lefties won’t have it.

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It is time for Leadership

They won’t have it at all what is required is courage and Leadership but sadly there’s none of that in the government, none of that in the civil service or the establishment.

They’re just quite happy to let this process carry on. I believe that with determination you can stop the boats within international law. You safely pick up as we’re currently doing but instead of bringing them to Dover you take them back to Dunkirk, we’re entitled to do it.

I’ve read the treaties that is the only way you stop the boats and with that here endeth this week’s Sunday sermon