Government waste: UK foreign aid hits £15.4 billion a year

Government Waste

The government spends over £1.14 trillion per year.

That is an awful lot of money!

And much of it is wasted. Our government waste our money.

Here is how Reform UK will cut wasteful government spending:

1. Enforce a 5% Saving Without Cutting Services

It is possible to shave off 5% for every hundred pounds spent. The cost-of-living crisis means that UK families have had to economise.

Reform will insist that every public service manager across government must find savings without touching frontline services.

Cut bureaucracy, improve procurement, eliminate unnecessary spending, and focus on delivering essentials.

This will free up money for better front-end services. We can’t maintain the welfare state in it’s current form while having open borders. It is unsustainable.

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    Wasted Government Spending is Everywhere

2. Scrap Government Quangos

There are over 600 government departments and “quangos.”

These are organisations unaccountable to Parliament, and billions of pounds are spent on them every year.

Some of them add no value to the public and could be easily scrapped. We can spend the money better.

3. Cut Red Tape

The government badly botched Brexit, and as a result, we are still operating under many regulations emanating from the European Union.

Reform UK will cut EU red tape and release us from the bondage of overregulation that costs the UK economy £143 billion since 2015.

Taxpayers support government waste, it's time to say no

4. Stop Paying Interest on Quantitative Easing Reserves

This technical economic point would save us £40 billion per year.

5. Cut Foreign Aid by 50%

We currently send £12.8 billion abroad to foreign nations, including China and India, both of whom have their own space programs!

Charity begins at home, and we will spend more money on our own people before we spend it on foreign nations.

Reform UK will cut £91 billion per year off the government spend and simultaneously improve public services.

That’s the plan.

Reform UK have a ‘Contract with You’ document covering every policy area. Read about Reform UK Government Waste policy.

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